Slowing to Notice a Few Favorites

I don't know about your schedule lately, but mine seems to be speeding by. Adding soccer games and track meets has kept me hopping. I'm grateful it's only for a season.

I am taking a bit of time this morning to slow the pace. I need moments such as these now and then, especially during seasons such as this. Thanks to Susanne for hosting each week.

Care to join me over a cup of coffee to just chat for a minute or two? I would sure enjoy your company...

Here are five favorites from this past week:

1. HOME: I had a business trip this last week that took me away from home for a few days. Although it was very productive, there is nothing quite as nice as coming home!
(I will begin the task of catching up on e-mails and visits in the days ahead.)

2. FENCING: Looking out the window and seeing the huge area of deer fencing my husband built. (He's the best! Thanks Honey!) I can have a garden this year without any effort put forth to keep the deer out. I was going to take a picture but the rain is keeping me inside. Preparing and planning what to plant. Any suggestions?

3. CLEAN LAUNDRY: The children stayed at their grandparent's house for a couple days while I was away on my trip. Imagine my delight to learn grandma had washed their clothes and sent them home with clean laundry. A huge head-start on my to do list when I got back home. Laundry done... Check.

4. MESSAGE: I hadn't take my normal cell phone with me on the trip. When I returned home there was a message waiting for me from a friend just checking in to see how I was doing. How nice to be thought of!

5. CANCELLATION: Due to weather, my son's track meet was canceled yesterday. Considering it was a little over an hour away, this put quite a few hours back into my day to be used in getting some other things done. It has been re-scheduled for next week meaning two meets instead of one but I should be ready for that by then.

Being out of town with days full of meetings hasn't left much time for many other things.

So tell me... how are you? What did you find to be favorites in the things that filled your week?


  1. I'm your fence friend! And we both have a fence made in love, don't we?

    Homecomings are the greatest!

    (A cancelled track meet ranks right up, though...I've sat through many a sport and track is soooo long!)

  2. I know what you mean -- there truly is no place like home.

    That so neat -- and sweet -- that your husband built the fence for you.

    What a blessing to have some of the laundry done! And to have a friend checking in with you!

    I have to admit I chafe a little bit at sports meets that are far away, so I understand perfectly being glad about a cancellation.

    Sounds like a great week all around!

  3. If I was my husband I would say that you can never have enough potatoes. He harvested 160 lbs just in our garden. However, because I'm me, I say beans and beets!

  4. Isn't it great to come home after a trip? Have a great weekend catching up!

  5. Tomatoes. What's a garden without tomatoes. And spinach. Yummy.

    What a sweet Grandma the kids have doing up their laundry for you!

  6. Love the list!! God bless!

  7. Hurray for the fence! I've never gardened where deer were a problem but I understand they'll eat just about anything. And I like the practical thoughtfulness of your kids' grandma. Hope you are able to catch up this week.


Thank you for taking a moment to stop and chat. I enjoy the presence of you!