Unreserved Trust

"Do you trust me?"

I answered her question without even the slightest moment of hesitation to consider, truly, the depth of the question or to ponder what my answer should be.

"Absolutely! Do whatever you think is the best."

I have trusted her with so much more than this. She has held some of my deepest heart's dreams, reflections of my yesterday's and the hopes of my tomorrows. It seemed almost trivial to even have to consider if this was a question of trust.

This friend of mine is a teacher of cosmetology. She asked if I would be interested in being a hair model for the class. She would color and cut my hair with the students watching and learning each and every step. She determined my level of trust to ascertain what her lesson plans could be for the day as she worked her wonders... on my hair.

As I was driving to the college for the appointment to be the hair model, I was taking the time to chat with God. It was then that it was as if I heard Him talking straight into my heart...
"Do you trust Me? I hold the very deepest secrets of your heart and your dreams. I remember things of your yesterday's that you have long forgotten. I see things of your tomorrows that you don't even know to dream and hope for.

Do you trust Me? Are you willing to come and sit in My chair? Are you willing to let Me choose to do what I think is best... without any reservations?

Do you eagerly wait for the outcome knowing I will work My wonders in your heart, in your soul, in your life? Do you smile in confidence at those looking on, knowing full well that there is a final plan regardless of the apparent mess that they see right now?

Even as a new step is explained, it may be difficult to imagine what my next move will be to complete the task. As the plans are revealed, it may seem like it is completely contradictory to what you would expect of the outcome that has been voiced. Do you trust even those apparent contradictions knowing I have everything completely thought out and under control?

Do you trust... Me?"
Am I willing to climb in His chair? Am I willing to remain amidst the snipping, the thinning, the mess, the waiting... in the entirety of the process itself? Do I trust Him without even the slightest moment of hesitation?

That one simple question has continued to resonate in the center of my being and challenge my thoughts as I consider the magnitude of what it is He is really asking and desiring from me.

Unreserved trust...


  1. How well I understand that feeling...especially this past year. I was very surprised by some plans he unveiled this week, but know that He had it planned all along, and had lined my heart up to match His well in advance. I also know I can trust Him with the huge amount of open-ended situations that lie ahead for us.

    ....and I want to see a picture of your new 'do!

  2. This is something that has been revealed to me these last couple of weeks. Do I trust Him enough to let go of things that are bad for me? Do I trust Him enough to embrace all that He wants to give me?

  3. I have been on this journey, it seems, my entire life. I have come to believe that at some point He will put us in a place where we must make the choice to trust Him or walk away. For me - there is nowhere else to go. I don't know why it is so hard when He is so trustworthy. I think it is just the frailty of our flesh. Once we make that choice (and I think perhaps we must make it more than once) - He is there with all that He has promised.

  4. Very timely word. I'm considering some major lifestyle changes. Waiting for the open door. Trust is always at the heart of the matter. God told me that this year's word is "faithful," and trust is the other side of the same coin... Thanks! *;)


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