Monday Morning: Bring It On

While watching "Leave it to Beaver", I commented (perhaps with a bit of sarcasm and maybe even a touch of jealousy) on how amazing June Cleaver was.

Have you ever noticed she is always in her best dress, complete with jewelry and high heels puttering over dinner or some other household task... not a hair out of place?

Then it happened. I couldn't believe it. I thought I had heard wrong. I asked my family to clarify and confirm what I had just heard. I was shocked.

In one of the episodes she tells Ward that she has hired a maid to come in 3 days a week to help with the cleaning and laundry.

So, let me get this straight. She is a SAHM in the 50's who has a maid 3 days a week to help with laundry and cleaning?!?

Now I've got this burning question. I can't seem to quite figure it out. Maybe you can help me...

What did June Cleaver do all day?!?

I know what it is I do all day! Since I don't live in the 50's, I don't have a maid and I certainly don't putter through my days in heels, jewelry and perfect hair... I need to find other ways to get my days and weeks going.

Here is a song that has helped to do just that in a fun way lately. You may find you enjoy it as much as I do.

My hair is up. My tennis are on. My music is cranked. I'm ready to go.

So Monday morning, bring it on!

Love and Laundry
By Point of Grace

Here I go again it’s another messy morning
Walk around the clothes that are covering the floor and
Take my kiss and my coffee to go
Then put on my mascara while I’m driving down the road
I thought that I could do it all
Turns out I was crazy
Man I need an iPhone and a cleaning lady
We haven’t had a date night in what seems like forever
It might take a miracle to get myself together

Oh I wish that there were more than
24 hours in a day
I haven’t found it yet but there’s gotta be a way
And I keep praying that
I can get everything done
And still have time for love
And a load of laundry

I’d sure like to relax laying in a bubble bath
But then I’d have to clean the tub and really who’s got time for that
There goes my day dream I’m just wishful thinking
Oh shoot I’m running late, I gotta make it to a meeting


I’ve been waiting for this moment all day, just you and me
The lights are low, next thing I know
We’re both drifting off to sleep


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  1. Thank you for this. I sometimes wonder why I can't be like June, I have the pearls. I think I'll ask my hubby for a maid 3 days a week. Maybe then stuff would get done around here. :) Now to go and do the laundry.

  2. Yes, my life has a sound track - but it's usually the washing machine. *;)

  3. Hehee, yes! This song hit home today - with everything I have going on...thank you for stopping by Donnetta!

  4. I think she had the very hard task of playing bridge with the girls, didn't she?

    The bubble bath line cracked me right up. So true. LOL.


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