A Glimpse of Love

As soon as we arrived home from church he went right out the back door. It was a cold day. He had not taken his coat to church. He did not bother, even now, to put it on before heading out.

I stood at the kitchen window observing. At first I thought nothing of it. It was not uncommon to do an afternoon check... yet he lingered. He did not return as I thought he would. I continued to watch. As I watched, my heart was touched.

We have 5 laying hens. They are my son's responsibility. He checks their water, feeds them and gathers eggs every morning. Often he goes back in the afternoon to check for more eggs.

Yesterday morning, after returning from his morning chores, he shared about how quickly the chickens had eaten some fresh grass that he put into their coop. We mentioned that at some point we should let them roam and free range on some of that grass. We talked about how much they would enjoy that opportunity.

Evidently that thought remained with my son all morning. Even though we had been at church for hours and he had been with friends, he obviously had not forgotten the delight of those chickens that morning as they ate the grass.

For as soon as we arrived home he rushed directly to them. The door to the coop swung open and as I watched through the window in the warmth of the kitchen, I realized he was letting them out to roam.

He stayed out with them, sitting in a chair, watching and protecting them from danger as they grazed on fresh grass. He sat in that cold without his coat letting them have a moment of pleasure. He cared enough for those chickens to sacrifice a bit of his own comfort and personal free time for them.

In those moments a line from Scripture flooded my mind:

Isaiah 40:11 "He tends his flock like a shepherd."

As I watched the actions of my own son, the actions of another Son came to mind... God's Son. I heard the prodding in my own spirit.

"My child, do you see how much I care for you? My thoughts are consumed with thoughts of you. I rush to meet you and provide moments of sheer enjoyment for you. I long to give you more than status quo.

I wish to bless you with the blessing of myself.
I love you so much that I sacrificed my own comforts of Heaven and glory, even my very life, to come to earth to provide for you.

If at times the world seems so very large and overwhelming, keep in mind I am not far off. I am sitting close by. I will not leave you alone unprotected. I can not. Just as a shepherd tends his flock... all the more I will tend to you and care for you. I love you..."

After they had some time, my son gathered each one up and returned them safely to their house. He shut the door and returned to his own warm house. As he began the steps back, I turned from the window to continue on with my tasks at hand, a renewed sense of God's love for me.

I realize that God's tender loving care for me is so much more than the gentleness I witnessed in my son toward those chickens. However, I also recognize that if that is just a small glimpse of how God views me, than the true reality of His consuming love for me is so much more overwhelming and impossible to even fully grasp or comprehend.

Be reminded today that you are loved. God rushes to meet with you. He wants to provide for you beyond what you can see. Are you willing to leave the "coop" and venture out with Him? Will you trust Him to tend to you? He wants to more than anything... if you will just let Him.

Originally published April 21, 2008


  1. What a wonderful lesson gave you of His own love as you watched your son do such a sweet thing.

  2. The love of God is breathtaking, isn't it? Thank you for sharing this visual glimpse of His heart... what a precious boy you have.

  3. Beautiful post. I love how God can speak through anything. *;)

  4. Leaving the coop isn't always easy - it takes courage!

    Beautifully written. Happy V Day weekend!

  5. I love chickens. And this story touched my heart. :)

  6. Beautiful post. Thank you.

  7. Watching your child learn to be a good steward of what he has, is a beautiful thing. Beautiful post.

  8. I hope your son gets to read this story some day.


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