Winning the World through Love and Acts of Kindness

In Egypt, during the early 1980's, Christianity captured pagan N. Africa. It was the practice of the people that had unwanted babies to leave them to die. If someone wanted the child they would pick it up. If not, then the child would cry to death or die of starvation.

The Christians began making what were called baby runs. They would take these infants to care for them. There were no bottles, so nursing mothers adopted these children and fed them as their very own.

Christians also made an impact during the time of the plague. It has been said by many that during the plague, Christians died differently. They died with hope.

It was not only through Christian's death's that people took notice during the plague. Many Christians were given poor jobs such as garbage collectors. They would take the bodies that were trashed, wash them and bury them.

The world took notice. It was simply through acts of kindness and loving through Jesus that they were winning the world and gaining credibility.

It causes me to pause and wonder... am I gaining credibility and winning the world through acts of kindness and love through Christ?

Matt. 22:39 "Love your neighbor as yourself."

"The world can out out finance us, out entertain us, and out number us. Let it never be said that the world can out love us."

--- Dr. Erwin Lutzer
I'm challenging myself to consider... in what ways could I love better?


  1. So thought-provoking and convicting. I worry too often about my own agenda rather than His. Thank you for helping me take pause and reconsider how I live my feeble life.

  2. Wow, what a challenge. Love may be simple, but it's not easy. Sacrificial love requires doing the things no one else will do. We have a great example to follow in those saints that went before. *;)

  3. Sometimes when you compare the world to the church it is surprising how little the difference is, but sometimes it is absolutely astounding.

    Thx for reminder of the power of Jesus in our lives as He love through us.

  4. This blessed me and touched me. Just wanted you to know that!

  5. You've definitely challenged me! Love that quote and am writing that one down! So true!

  6. My heart is full from reading this.


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