Seasons of the Heart

Seasons of the heart. I believe we all go through them...

There is cold in the winter, sometimes very bitter, bone chilling, frost biting cold. There are hazardous conditions for driving. There are the endless days with no apparent sunshine. There are days that are shorter and shorter with more darkness than light.

Winter can be a hard time of year, but at the same time so very beautiful.

The winter snow in the early morning as it glistens off of the trees. The snuggling up in winter gear for a brisk walk in the cold, crisp air. The gentle falling snow outside the window while one is curled up inside with a nice cup of coffee, a good book, or family gathered around games.

That is where I find myself, winter in my world and winter in my heart.

Although the winter of my heart is feeling long, cold, dark and lonely... be assured that there are also beautiful things occurring in this winter of my heart.

I can say that as the wind and snow are swirling and howling in my heart, He is sitting beside me wrapping me in His arms. I can assure you that though I must venture into the bone chilling, bitter cold situations of life, that He is bundled up beside me leading the way through the deep snow, giving me His footsteps to walk in so the snow of my heart isn't quite so deep and the walk is a bit easier. He is lighting the way one step at a time.

When the days are longer in other seasons, it's easier to see farther ahead and be prepared. In the dark days of winter, it is virtually impossible to see ahead of the path and prepare. It's just too dark at times.

I must learn to be content to trust His light one step ahead of me. I must give up the desire to be in control of what I see coming on the path. I must learn to trust that He sees it coming and is clearing the way for me.

I almost feel the need to apologize, and yet, not so much. For you see, I know spring is coming, to my world and eventually to my heart! It always does!!

The flowers, the green grass, the crisp mornings with warm afternoons, the burst of energy, the sweet smell in the air, the ability to be outside more... it is coming.

I will be able to see the wonderful effects of spring, the smile of my heart, the excitement to get going again, the revelations of what the cold, long winter has accomplished. (The colder the winter the less bugs in the spring and summer!! I'm not one much for bugs)

When spring comes, I will be able to reveal the "bugs" in my life that God has taken care of due to my winter. I will be able to share how and where He has walked this path with me. I will be able to show the new insights I learned while sitting and being quiet in my winter, including... learning to sit and be quiet.

He is taking this place my heart is in and teaching me new truths about Himself, His ways, and His character. In the process I am reminded of His promise, spring will come. It always does.

It is the next "season of the heart".


  1. I am so thankful for seasons - of both heart and life. I read the other day that nothing is wasted as far as God is concerned. He takes all of our circumstances and makes something good of them.
    I think, for myself, this learning complete obedience and trust is a life-long adventure.

  2. Winter of the heart, the time that can be the most painful but yield the most abundant fruit.

    I have been watching the winter here carefully and my apple tree knowing that it needs 400 hours of cold to set fruit and rejoicing in the yellow leaves that are falling.

    the symbolism is not lost on me.

    We have been in winter for a while too, and I keep thinking that spring is here, only to realize that it was "unseasonable warmth".

    I have been reading the devotional "Streams in the Desert" the updated version, and it helps a lot, especially on days when my attitude stinks and I am okay with that...

    Blessings dear friend

  3. BRRrrrrrr... those images have me shivering just a bit. Until I read about the warmth you feel in God's arms. I was listening to a familiar Amy Grant song but a single line warmed my heart: Call My name, I'll come.

  4. I also walk in the cold many times, but like you said, God always has warm arms waiting for me. I'll be waiting to hear of your bugs when you're ready to share them; I love reading of the insights God gives. Til then, XOXO.

  5. Giving up the desire for control, that is the struggle when in the winter season for me. I feel I just have to "do" something to make things happen. I love how you said He lights one step at a time. I needed this post!

  6. Beautiful imagery, and well written. Glad I found your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I stopped by to thank you for the comment at the Cafe on my Uncomfortable post...and when I read this, it just confirmed what I was feeling....

    That was beautiful...
    I'm the one thanking you for the blessing!


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