Sacred in the Ordinary: A Moment in Time

I am tempted to search for the extraordinary. I catch myself longing for the incredible. I fight the urge to notice the spectacular. In doing so, I risk missing the most extraordinary, incredible and spectacular of all... the sacred in the ordinary.

My Moment...

My 13 year old almost 6ft tall son sat next to me. As he was there, he laid his head on my shoulder. We just sat and talked. Time seemed to stop in that moment...

What ordinary moment became sacred to you this week?

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Read more about my thoughts behind the Sacred in the Ordinary.

"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." -Alexander Woollcott


  1. I had a moment not very different from yours. My nine year old son was a bit mopey because his olders sisters were gone with their activities. I couldn't find anything that he wanted to do... So we just sat on my bed. He snuggled up to me and we just cuddled, in silence for about 5 minutes. This from my son who just recently will not let me hold his hand in the mall. It was so precious. A very sacred, ordinary moment. I treasure it. Aloha! *;)

  2. Funny, tonight at the soccer party my middle son came up and kissed me, and said, Mom, I'm way taller than you. I hugged him and tried to hang on to the moment. It was fun, but also made me sad ...BTW both sons are way taller than me and my baby is the same HT.

    Happy TG, friend, if we don't chat. xo

  3. A special moment indeed!

    Our sacred moment came in the form of a lovely card my oldest sent her dad for his birthday. In it she told of a special memory she and her dad shared. It was so touching.

  4. This made my eyes fill with tears. :)


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