Friday's Fave Five: The Bright Side

If I am not careful, I could dwell on what all seemed to go wrong this last week. I could complain, moan and whine about the events of the week.

I am going to put a twist on my week's Fave Five hosted by Susanne.

Instead of seeing the "wrong" in each situation, I am intentionally choosing to look at the bright side.

1. A Clutch and My Car: The clutch went out in my car. Instead of one day in the shop it has been there all week. Instead of the original quote given, it is costing 3x as much.

The Bright Side: The clutch didn't go completely out while I was driving. It was only slipping. I was able to drive it to the shop safely with my husband following.

2. Early Morning Bus: Due to #1 we have been left with one car. Early every morning I have driven my hubby to the bus stop to catch the bus for work so I could have the car during the day. That has also meant I pick him up every evening from the bus stop.

The Bright Side: At least we still have a car to use. This arrangement has also provided about 10 minutes of conversation in the car every morning between my hubby and I as we start our days. That is not always the case when we are a two car family. I am usually just waking when he is leaving.

3. Smell of Smoke: After smelling smoke and a burning smell in our basement for numerous hours, my hubby and son discovered the cause. A wad of melted wires that had all burned and fused together.

The Bright Side: Our house is still standing and we are all safe. Hubby said it could have easily burned down the entire house.

4. Loss of Electricity: Due to #3, until we have electrical re-wiring in our house, I no longer have electricity on one entire wall in my living room. We also do not have lights in most of the basement, the garage, or our master bathroom.

The Bright Side: All of my major appliances still work. Lamps and flashlights have been pulled from other areas in the house to accommodate.

5. Infant Alarm Clock: Just this morning our little guy was awake at 5:30 AM. Even with a warm bottle he decided it was time to start the day.

The Bright Side: Breakfast is done. Clothes are on. The dishwasher is running and it's barely 7 AM. I may be needing a second cup of coffee soon, but for now my day is well underway. I'm guessing this also guarantees he will sleep during his nap today!


What has filled your week? Have there been situations that have found you a bit frustrated? I have found looking for the bright side to be a good exercise in thankfulness... and that is definitely a favorite in my week!


  1. This is so encouraging Donnetta. For some reason I have felt so weary these days, and your post just lifted my spirits! What a joy to the Father's heart to hear your gratitude instead of complaints. You are special my friend.

  2. Oh my! You HAVE had a week, haven't you?! I'm so thankful you are okay and that you have a grateful heart in the midst of it all. :)

    What has filled my week? Seasonal viruses. Ugh. All three kids and me, coughing, hacking, sneezing, fevering. I needed this reminder to be grateful in ALL circumstances.

  3. Donnetta, I'm praying for you right now. You have been through a tough week. I'm happy you can see the joy through your trials.

  4. i am so glad you discovered the problem with the electrical wiring, that could have been a dangerous situation.

    Good for you for looking on the bright side!

  5. Wow, Donnetta. The bright sides are big sighs of relief and worthy of making your list.

  6. Way to look for the bright side! I'm so thankful you found the source of the burning smell! Be safe.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. I loved how you chose to find the bright spots in any number of things that could send one over the edge. So glad you are all safe and your house is okay.


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