OUCH is an Understatement

In case you were wondering... a metal garage door and the pointer finger of a left hand do not go well together. I'm just saying...

I'm not meaning to be unsociable or rude with my lack of presence here or comments at your place since my blog break. It's just that my finger got caught in our garage door Wednesday afternoon. The slat closed completely before I could stop the momentum and get it open to get my finger out. A finger looks quite odd flat...

Since then I have been in unbelievable pain keeping it elevated as much as possible and periodically applying ice.

I'm thinking I may have an underlying fracture. Debating when and if to see a doctor...

Needless to say I have not been sleeping well and daily tasks such as changing, dressing and caring for a toddler have become quite awkward, painful and dreaded. The family is helping out amazingly when they are here!

I will return here as soon as I can get the throbbing and pains that radiate through my hand and up through my shoulder with having it down for any length of time under control.

Of course, It wouldn't bother me one bit if you could say a prayer as you think of it.

For now it's back to the ice pack, elevation and ibuprofen...


  1. Oh, that looks really painful! I hope it heals quickly.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry, and I have just prayed for you. Praying peace can break through the pain. I wish I lived near you and could come button buttons on your little one and fix you a nice cup of hot tea. Will miss your presence on your blog.

  3. Yikes! That looks incredibly painful!

    I am so sorry!

    I am also sorry we are not closer because I think a play date at our house while mommy rests (or eats chocolate...or both) would help tremendously!

  4. Oh ouch, I am sorry.

  5. Oh, Ouch!! I'll pray that it feels better soon!

  6. Oh that looks like it hurts. You probably should get it check to make sure it's not broken anywhere. Praying the pain subsides. Wish I was there to help you out.

  7. Oh sweetie, that looks so painful! {{hugs}} Prayers for quick healing for you.

  8. Bless your heart! I know that hurts so bad. Once I had a toe that got hurt and looked like that and they drilled a hole in the toe nail and it did relieve the pressure a little!

  9. Ow, that makes me hurt! So sorry about that.


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