How I Spent My Break

Hello. Please come on in. I have much to share with you today.

I'm hoping you're up for hanging out a bit and enjoying a moment with me. I have missed our visits and time together!

I was only planning on being gone one week, but then I realized... who was I kidding?

This is how I spent my blogging break during the last two weeks:

* got the kids started in school for 2 days
* gathered school work for the next 3 days as the kids would miss school for family vacation
* packed to spend 5 days/ 4 nights at the Oregon Coast
* returned late evening Labor Day with kids returning to school the next day (Including homeschooling my daughter)

My thoughts and intentions were that I would be completely on task ready for the rest of life to also return to it's normally scheduled programming, including blogging. NOT!

Obviously it has taken me an extra week to get back on top of things. To be honest, I'm not even completely back on track, but if you don't mind the few scattered pieces of luggage still lingering around waiting to be unpacked then I won't. I'm just glad to be sitting here with you again!

I thought we might spend some time today looking in my photo album for a glimpse into the wonderful vacation we had at the Oregon Coast. It was a full day's drive there and back but so worth it!

Sit back and enjoy...

The View

Quiet Time: On the nice days I spent time on the deck with the view pictured above. On the rainy mornings I found myself on the couch pictured below. The ocean could be seen just above the bushes.

The Animals


Spouting Whales

Sea Lions

Sea Gull right on the deck

The Pacific Ocean

The Sand

On the day we built the sandcastle above, it was a bit windy. Had we been gone from our things much longer we may not have even found them as they were quickly being buried as seen below. You can't even see the little guys pants and jacket already covered.

The Lighthouse

The Family

Enjoying the animals, Pacific Ocean, sand, and each other...

My son on the beach. My husband on the rock to the left.

My daughter and I

It was our first time staying in a beach house. It was our first family overnight trip to the coast. Needless to say we had an absolutely wonderful time!

How have you spent the last couple of weeks?


  1. Unfortunately, nothing so industrious or relaxing as you! Nice to have you back, Donnetta, and thank you for sharing these serene images of the water and rocks and sky.

  2. What a fun trip! We just home from the Oregon Coast as well. :) You got some great photos.

    Welcome back home and back to routine! Glad you're back. :)

  3. Glad you're back, I've missed you! What a gorgeous place to vacation! Love your pictures!

  4. I'm glad you're back too - you've been missed dear friend. That is truly my idea of an ideal vacation. I just love the ocean - absolutely love it. I'm so happy you got to go.
    Nothing exciting here - except much longed for rain. Yippee!!

  5. Wonderful pictures Donetta, clearly your time off was well spent. We had an eventful back to school week, then a smoother second week. I'll let you know how we are dong when this week is up!

  6. Welcome Back! I loved seeing and hearing about your trip. What wonderful pictures you got! Love the one of the little guy with the bucket on his face. So cute.

    Are you able to share where you stayed? I'd love a trip down the Oregon coast one day and a beach house looks like the way to go!

  7. Hello friend. I loved this post, it made me miss the coast, as my kids have been begging for us to take them. Great pix, I caught your vision of a wonderful time. We've stayed in a beach house once, the rest of times motels ... Pacific City being our all-time favorite spot.


  8. Beautiful pictures!!!

    We came back from vacation two days after Labor Day and I'm STILL not caught up on chores, etc.

    I need another vacation!


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