Turning Point

It is now one week after my injury and I finally feel like maybe I have reached a turning point.

Yesterday was the first day that I could leave it down for any length of time without it beginning to throb. I was able to prepare a small meal for my family. I was able to sweep and wipe down the bathrooms. Not to the extent that I would have liked but some nonetheless.

I still can not use the finger at all and touching it or bumping it still sends me writhing in pain. However, I can now bend it and extend it fully straight. I have a splint that I wear when doing things to help protect it from being bumped. I have a feeling that the time to full recovery and use of that finger is still some time away. *sigh*

However, life continues forward and so I jump in doing what I can as much as possible being cautious not to involve my finger in the tasks that are before me.

Thank you to each one of you for your words of well wishes and prayers! Although the pain kept me from immediately responding, it meant more than you know!

Now that I can have it below heart level without throbbing pain immediately taking over my thoughts, I hope to get back into the swing of things again... including time here. I have missed our chats together...


  1. Looking forward to those chats. :) Glad you're making progress.

  2. So glad it's better. It's so nice to hear from you!!!

  3. I am so sorry the recovery has been long. Praying for your continued healing.

  4. Oh, friend, I'm glad you're better. I can't even imagine the pain - OUCH is right!

    Hopefully it was a time where your family stepped in and really helped you out. I'm sure they did!

    Love and hugs for a wonderful weekend!


Thank you for taking a moment to stop and chat. I enjoy the presence of you!