Three Day Schedule

Good morning friends. Have I told you lately how much I appreciate and enjoy your visits? Well, let today be the day!! I enjoy your visits more than you know! I so appreciate YOU!

School starts Monday. Less than one week away. I can almost feel summer slipping through my hands like sand through my fingertips. Where did the time go?

There is so much to do in so little time. Here is just a small glimpse of what three busy days look like for me this week.


Butterfly bandaid: The day started off with an unplanned medical incident. Our little guy fell into the cabinet resulting in a small gash in his forehead. I debated whether to take him in for a stitch or two. Instead, being a nurse, I decided to apply a butterfly bandage here at home. It's looking great! Thank You Lord!

Haircut for me: I had been letting my hair grow out. I changed my mind. I went quite a bit shorter. I'll get pic's up soon.

Work: The need for money oddly does not slow down as my schedule picks up. I am so thankful I only work 10 hours a week!

Shopping for new purse: The little guy is old enough that most of the time all I need to take with me for a quick trip is a diaper, wet wipes and a cup. No need for a full diaper bag anymore. I wanted to find a purse big enough to throw these items in requiring the remembering and carrying of only one bag. What do you think?

And look at this. It has a smaller bag that can be attached to the front for additional items if desired. The perfect size for a diaper and travel package of wet wipes.

Pick up kids: They look forward to the days I work and they get to stay with grandma and grandpa! No, they are not in the least bit spoiled.

Cut my son's hair: I would prefer to take him to have it cut. He would rather I do it. And so I do.


AM Orientation for my daughter: Although we homeschool we are under the private school umbrella. We meet with a teacher once a month and she attends a classroom setting once a week. Today is our day to meet with them and get the year ready to be underway.

Return 3 phone calls

PM Orientation for my 8th grade son: We will learn his class schedule, his supply list, get his locker assignment and meet his teachers. Big Night!


Orthodontist appointment for my son: Just thankful I could squeeze one more appointment in before having to disrupt school time for them.

Conference call for work: I will be able to do this from home, but work nonetheless.

PM Worship Team Practice:

Overnighter: Months ago a little friend from church (1st grade) asked if he could come to my house sometime and maybe spend the night. I told him that we would work something out during the summer. This was before our little guy came into our lives and our friend ended up so ill. My opportunities are getting slim to keep my word so tomorrow night it is.

Fit In Somewhere

That leaves all other items to fit in somewhere:

* laundry
* meals and dishes
* finalize school shopping (supplies and clothes)
* keep the house liveable
* schedule an eye appointment for me
* whatever else comes up

One Final Thing

I am learning that the busier my schedule gets, the more important it is for me to have this final item.


It is not always easy to make it happen, but I am learning quite quickly that it is necessary to make it happen. For me right now it is not about finding the time for quiet, but making the time for quiet. I need it!

What is in your schedule this week? How are you intentionally slowing the pace and making time for quiet?

After all of this rambling, keep in mind as you head on to the things of your day that... YOU are appreciated!


  1. Wow, your schedule is filling up fast! And you remind me with your question that I don't look far enough into the future. I'm just doing things as they come and make no plans for the quiet that I need. Thanks for that reminder.

  2. Whoa, you are busy! I do like the new handbag and the little thing that fits on the front looks like it was made for wipes! I do know what you mean by quiet!

  3. I'm just plain overwhelmed by life this week. Too much company combined with too much time away from the house combined with training events... just overwhelemed.

    You rpost reminds me I still need to upsize my purse for when we bring Amelia home.

    I'll add that to the schedule.

    Soon my schedule will slow down a bit when The Boy finally head back to school and we find a new routine. Thank goodness!

  4. Lots to do Donnetta, but you seem to have it all well organized. I know what you mean about making time to just be quiet. It is so important.


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