Adoption Day

In less time than it takes to be pregnant...

* A young lady asked us to consider adopting her one year old son that she realized she could not provide for.

* We prayed, discussed and prayed some more.

* We made a trip to the Midwest to pick up the little guy we only knew through pictures. We had never officially met him.

* We spent four days spending 22 hours in a car traveling home... a car seat nestled between our two older children in the back seat.

* We converted a teen and adult home to accommodate a baby.

* We moved our teenage son to the basement as he willingly gave up his bedroom for the newest little guy.

* We hired a lawyer, a private investigator and an adoption agency.

* We completed piles of paperwork and scheduled required appointments to satisfy the process.

* We quickly fell in love with the newest member of our family.

In less time than it takes to be pregnant... lives changed forever. Just four months ago we added a third child and fifth member to our family.


* The courtroom will be cleared except for our invited guests.

* We will stand before the judge.

* What we have known in our hearts will become legally official and recognized by the courts...

We are a family.

Rejoice with us...

Today is Adoption Day


  1. Minutes ago I received our approval from China. We'll sign the paperwork, get it notarized and sent back to our agency as soon as possible. One more hurdled cleared on the way to our own adoption day!

  2. Oh I just love this story! Congratulations to your family of five! What a happy day!

  3. Congratulations! What a special day for your family!

  4. I know this was an emotional journey, but what a sweet reward!!!! Congrats.

  5. What a happy day. Congratulations to all of you. This post moved me to tears.

  6. Donnetta, I'm doing the happy dance for you! What a life changing decision was made four months ago and how wonderful to make it official :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  7. Praise the Lord!
    More to follow in email....

  8. Celebrating with you and praying for you all as God knits this family together.

  9. Beautiful story. So happy to hear about your family and how you all said,"yes." Hugs!

  10. I'm so sorry I missed this post. I rejoice with you Donnetta. What a special day. We had one of those days too - about thirty years ago. Oh how quickly the time goes by.
    This little one is indeed blessed to be part of your family. I just love the way the Lord puts families together - perfect!

  11. Congratulations. I'm so happy for your family!

  12. So happy for all of you!

  13. How amazing! I'm so happy for you and for that little guy!

  14. I've been absent the last few days and haven't had much computer time so I missed this. WOW! Congrats. This is such a huge miracle!

  15. Congratulations to you and your family!

  16. This is an amazing story! When God opens doors, there's no closing them. Congratulations on your new little one!

  17. Congratulations!


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