Bumps, Bruises, Bandaids and Boys

Hello Friends. Please come on in and kick off your shoes. I am amazed at how wiped I am after yesterday's big event.

Thank you for your kinds words of encouragement and support. Thank you even more for your prayers on our behalf!

I hope you don't mind but I'm afraid I don't have anything hugely profound today. I do have something though.

Our little guy took a tumble. Not his first and not just a small one. He plunged head first into the corner of our coffee table. I'm amazed and grateful he didn't break the skin and need stitches!

You can't see it very well here. He was left with a dark purple line that extends from his eyebrow up his forehead.

Here's the kicker, this happened less than 48 hours before our court appearance and presenting before a judge for his adoption.

Now that I officially have 2 boys, the timing of the above injury and given the increased amount of energy that now exists in my home, this song has come to mind.

If you have a boy or even know a boy I think you will appreciate it. Enjoy...

(Note: The song is only the first 3:40 of this video)

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