The Relationship between Fact, Faith, and Feeling

Fact, Faith, and Feeling were sitting on the wall.
Feeling fell off and grabbed on to Faith, pulling Faith down.
Fact grabbed Faith and held Faith up.
Eventually, Fact pulled Faith back up, which then eventually brought Feeling back up.

I can not trust the feelings (or lack thereof) to dictate the state of my relationship with Jesus.  It's in those times when I don't seem to "feel" God and His presence that my faith becomes based strictly on the facts...

* Of what I know of God
* Who He is
* His promises

I have to believe that holding on to what I know to be true in my mind will once again resound loud and clear in my heart.  It's in the times that I don't experience all of the "feelings" that my faith becomes a conscious daily decision.  (Perhaps that is more of a sign of my submission and commitment to Him than when things are going well and "feeling" right?)

For now, it's "just the facts ma'am".  That is what is holding my faith up.

Have you considered lately... is Fact or Feeling determining the status of your Faith?

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