How to Respond When the Direction Makes No Sense

Imagine this... 

It is the end of the day.  It has been a long, hard day.  Your child is tired, exhausted, and feeling a bit discouraged from the situations of the day.

You are wrapping things up to be ready to head to bed when you remember there is one more errand to run.  So, you all pile in the car and head out.

While out on the errand, you look to your child and ask them to do something that seems absolutely ridiculous.  They look at you and say, "I don't really understand why you want me to do that, but because you say so I will obey."

I don't know about you, but this reponse would probably have me flat on the floor in disbelief.


Travel back with me to a time in the past. (Luke 5:1-5) Jesus is walking along the shore and sees some fishermen cleaning their nets, wrapping up a night of working...their boats nearby. 

He climbs into one of the boats and asks to be taken out a little from shore.  There He begins to speak to the people.  We aren't told how long He spoke.  5 minutes?...  5 hours?...

When Jesus had finished speaking He said to Simon, "Put out into deep water and let down the nets for a catch."  Simon responds that they "have worked hard all night and didn't catch a thing."

They are, no doubt, tired. (Anyone who has worked a graveyard shifts knows the "tired" from working all night.)  They are likely discouraged.  (They are fishermen.  This is their livelihood and they didn't catch a thing.)  They were done for the day.  (Remember, they were cleaning their nets.)

Keep in mind this is the beginning of Jesus' ministry.  They have not yet spent time living with Him, watching Him, knowing Him. 

Yet, what is Simon (Peter's) response?  "Master, we've worked hard all night and haven't caught anything.  But because you say so, I will let down the nets."


WHAT?  Because you say so?... That means for Simon that was enough... because Jesus said so.

No whining.  No questioning.  No arguing.  No pretending not to hear.  No procrastinating. No asking to wait and rest a bit.

Just an explanation of why that seemed absolutely ridiculous but... OK, because you say so, I will obey. 

End of discussion.

Life Implications...

When God asks me to do something, what is my response?  Do I respond as Simon did? I'd like to be able to say my response is that of Simon's.

It think it probably is... when things make sense, when I'm well rested, when it's something exciting, when it's something I want.

But what about those times when I'm exhausted, I'm discouraged, the command given seems to make absolutely no sense, when I'm preparing to do something else and this is a change of plans?  What is my response then?

Oh Lord, (regardless of the physical, emotional, and/or mental state that I am in) may you find me responding more and more to You like that of Simon.

Because You say so. 
That is enough. 
I will obey.
Just because You say so!

What about you?  Have you taken the time to consider lately how you respond to His direction? 

Be sure to head to Luke 5:6-11, read the results of their obedience, and be encouraged.  It was literally life changing!!  Their lives would never be the same again!


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