Storms = Cleansing

After a very heavy downpour and storm in our area, I went outside and found this to be the condition of our gutter:

I was shocked to see how much junk had been sitting there. Obviously it had been hidden from sight, and unless we had climbed up intentionally to inspect the gutters we would not have discovered this mess for quite some time.

And then I considered how similar to my own heart this is...

There is often junk buried deep within, hidden from sight.  It can go unnoticed for quite some time.

Sometimes it takes the fierce storms of my life to reveal the cleaning that needs to take place.

I'm so grateful that He is always willing to tackle my mess that He finds in the midst of those storms!  And dare I say, even grateful for the storm that came on my path to reveal the mess?

For if there had not been the storm... there may have never been the revealing.  The healing.  The cleansing.

Perhaps there is a "storm" in your life setting itself up to bring cleansing as well?...



  1. Susanne3:45 PM

    We discussed something along the sames lines at study last night. Confirmation from the Lord for me.

  2. Kristy11:48 PM

    Oh my yes, a storm that has been almost a year now that gathered strength for a long time. It has knocked me flat and had me stumbling as things I had learned long ago suddenly elude me. It feels like things are being broken off of me left right and center. It is painful. And yet I know it is for good. I was reading this weekend about spiritual disciplines and came across a familiar idea: when you feel stalled spiritually that is when you are making the most progress. I was encouraged! I must be making great progress since I feel like I am going backwards! :-)

  3. MyQuietCorner1:59 PM

    I appreciate when God speaks to me through repetition like that. Thanks for sharing that with me!

  4. MyQuietCorner2:01 PM

    Maybe more like a Hurricane for you?! Love your thinking, steadfastness, and perspective in the midst. Know that I am praying dear one! Standing in the storm with you, and "holding the umbrella" when you lose your strength to do so... :-)


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