Darkness Praise #3: There is Nothing Greater

So often I listened to this song being the "someone" that needed to be reminded that there was nothing I could possibly experience or feel that was greater than Him and His Grace!

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There is Nothing Greater Than Grace by Point of Grace

What do you say to someone who feels like they've lost it all
Over the edge with no one there to break their fall
And what do you say to someone who feels so unloved
Giving themselves away a little bit every day just to be good enough
And what do you say to a hopeless soul who can't remember their way home
And everything is out of their control

There is no valley, there is no darkness
There is no sorrow greater than the grace of Jesus.
There is no moment, there is no distance,
There is no heartbreak He can't take you through.
So before you think that you're too lost to save,
Remember there is nothing greater than grace.

What do you say to someone whose life is on the line
And they're unsure what happens after their last breath in time
What do you say to someone whose built a wall you can't break through
And it's so hard for them to hear the truth


So don't lose hope, don't let go
Don't give up, you are not alone



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