Would We Have Been Friends?

Thoughts regarding friendship and blogging:
"We have been drawn into all these circles of relationships not based on looks, talents, finances, social status or even denomination. We have been drawn by God through our attraction to one another’s hearts conveyed in simple terms and short lines in blog comments, of all things. Something that didn’t even exist 10 years ago.
Would we have been friends at all if we were out in the world where social decorum strictly dictates? Would we have given each other this chance if we’d known each other’s faces, jobs, and worlds before we knew each other’s hearts?” Maybe. But I don’t think so. I think we are an odd composite study in sociology. What would happen if people could only see each other’s hearts first? Who, then, would become friends?? Just think of all the priceless relationships we miss because we look for those who remind us of us." 
~ Beth Moore 

I love the thought and challenge of this as I think about all of my current friendships and those still to come...

Your Thoughts?...


  1. Susanne7:27 PM

    Very interesting thought. I think too, with blogging, we can hide things that we want to and present ourselves how we want and no one knows otherwise, whereas in "real" life that is so much harder to pull off.

  2. nikkipolani12:35 AM

    I appreciate Susanne's input -- there's two sides of these coins. Both the people we meet and befriend in "real life' and the friends we meet through our blogs.


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