3 Ways to Reward Yourself for Under $15

When I think of rewarding myself, too often my first thought turns to food of some kind.  Can you relate?

And when the reward is to be for a few pounds lost, a day of good food choices, etc., then a food reward seems to defeat the purpose.

Now, instead of a food reward, I have found 3 ways to reward myself that I enjoy without spending a lot of money (less than $15) and does not involve food.

1.  A New Candle

2.  A New Book

3.  Flowers

What other ways can you think of for $15 or less to use as personal rewards for a goal achieved (that does not include food)? 


  1. nikkipolani12:14 AM

    For me, it's a trip to the library with an hour or two to peruse, wander, and maybe sit down with a book. And if I like it, I can check it out to finish at home. Many audiobooks are in this price range, too.

  2. Susanne8:53 AM

    3 of my favorite things! Coffee with a friend is also a nice reward!

  3. Crystal Sandow2:12 PM

    A new nail polish color for my toes. :)

  4. I love crafting of all sorts, but I especially enjoy drawing. So a new drawing pencil or pen is a great treat and usually under $5.

  5. MyQuietCorner10:56 PM

    Since I'm not particularly crafty, I would not have thought of this. But yes, I can see how that could be a treat for one who is!

  6. MyQuietCorner10:57 PM

    Oh yes! I may have to do that one of these times!

  7. MyQuietCorner10:58 PM

    Yes, coffee with a friend could definitely be added to this list! Another one of my favorite things!

  8. MyQuietCorner10:59 PM

    Just to have the time of an available and uninterrupted hour or two to do anything would be a gift for me. LOL... In all seriousness, what a great idea! And even FREE! I will definitely keep this in mind in the future!


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