The Prayer Request that Challenges Me Still

Awhile back we had the amazing opportunity to hear a pastor from a persecuted country speak.  Before he was finished tears were pouring down my face.  Here is part of what he shared with us.

Just that weekend he had received a call from a very close pastor friend back home.  His pastor friend had called in tears asking for prayer.

Earlier that week his teenage daughter had been raped by a gang of men, and he was told that if he continued to share Christ, they would return not only to rape but also kill his wife.

As he made this phone call he was on his way to another village... to share Christ.  You see, when he and his wife talked about this trip, her response was... "We can not stop sharing Christ.  Don't worry about me.  When the men return, I will be waiting and ready for them."

As this man left his wife behind to the unknown, his heart was breaking as he made the walk to the next village in tears... calling his friend for prayer support.

Do you know what his request for prayer was?.... Not for protection.  Not for safety.  Not even for justice. 

But rather, that he would remain faithful.

None of us knew the outcome of that story that morning as we sat and listened to this account, for it was happening in real time.

But oh my friends, how we honored his request that morning and prayed that he would remain faithful.  And  how that account and request have resonated through my being and challenged me to my core since.

Pray... for faithfulness....


  1. nikkipolani1:40 AM

    I remember learning that Paul asked for prayer in much the same way. Faithfulness is always a good thing to pray for.

  2. Susanne6:01 PM

    Oh how beautiful and convicting at the same time.

  3. colwrite5:03 PM

    Wow. Praying.


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