FFF: Small? or Favorite?

My schedule has been such that it is difficult to consistently get to this screen to post my favorite five's weekly.  But Susanne's practice of pointing us there weekly is never far from my mind even if my fingers don't make it to this keyboard.

Thank you Susanne for the weekly reminders!

This week, I do have a minute to join in, and so I am!  :-)

It has been a very short time since we found ourselves moving.  The house we are in the middle of moving into is about half the size of what we were living in.  That has left us with some big changes.  Some of those changes are quickly becoming favorites.

1.  Instead of the "s" word small, I have found a different "s" word come to mind... SIMPLIFY!  It is definitely forcing us to do that.  I mean, who needs 16+ coffee mugs... really?  And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the number of pieces of furniture and bags being filled with items in preparation to find their way to other homes.

2.   Another "s" word that comes to mind is SPACE.  Even with this house being only about 1/2 the size, we have agreed that we will not fill it wall to wall and corner to corner with stuff.  We are intentionally leaving visible space.  And strangely it seems that I can be more relaxed with even less than what this house would potentially hold.  *Inhale deeply*   aaahhhhhh......

3.  Amazingly enough the house seems to be staying so much more picked up.  Perhaps it's the less stuff to begin with and the allowed empty spaces that help contribute to this?  Whatever, I'll take it!

4.  Cleaning is not nearly as laborious of a task.  With only 1/2 the house to clean... it takes only 1/2 the time. Yep, favorite!

5.  And perhaps my most favorite of all... no matter where my chidren/family are in the house, I am aware of them and can hear them!  In the bigger house each one could make their way to different corners of the house and unless intentional effort was put into thinking of where each one was, it wasn't so obvious.  Not so here.

For instance, right now sitting here typing in the living room I hear music coming from the little guy's room as he is down for bed.  I hear the occasional cough and sniffle from my daughter's room as she is resting. (and not feeling so well at the moment poor girl!)  I hear my husband and son laughing downstairs at whatever it is they are watching.  And occasionally I even hear their discussions back and forth in conversation. 

FAMILY!  This smaller house has brought us that much closer together... just in the living day to day and moment by moment in this place.  That is a a favorite of mine indeed!

What have been favorites in your week?



  1. Nikkipolani12:05 AM

    I love the surprises you're finding in your smaller and simpler home.  Simpler has so many benefits, doesn't it?

  2. MyQuietCorner12:13 AM

    Oh yes!  I knew there would be some benefits, but I had no idea how much I would truly enjoy them!  Not that it has been an easy process to simplify... but oh SO worth it!

  3. Susan20092:49 AM

    What a wonderful attitude you have about simplifying and visible space. I am attempting to do that as well. But with no looming move, it is taking me too long. 

    I like the idea of cleaning taking half the time and being aware of the location of all the family members. That latter point sounds so very cozy and safe.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Angie9:11 AM

    This is lovely, friend... like you. :) I'd have to say catching up on your blog and your life has been a favorite this week for me. (My busy life is not a good thing!) Thank you for the reminders to simplify and create space. I'd add SLOW down to my life. Love to you from the East Coast!

  5. OutnumberedMom7:08 PM

    Sounds wonderful! Simplifying and leaving space sound heavenly to me. Glad to hear things are going well. We've missed you! Have a great week ahead.

  6. I love that you've found such wonderful blessings in what many would panic at.  Simplifying and getting rid of stuff has been on my mind all year.  I'm not great at it, but it's coming.

  7. mrspear10:00 PM

    Thrilled for this new adventure!  

  8. MyQuietCorner11:09 PM

    Oh I know what you mean.  I was trying to simplify before the move, but couldn't seem to get it done to the level that the move has forced.  Having my family all closer does feel somehow more cozy.  I am thoroughly enjoying that for sure!

  9. MyQuietCorner11:12 PM

    You always seem to know how to make my day!  Thank You!  Yes, like you I need the word SLOW to also make it's way into more corners of my moments.  Continuing to work on that... and continuing in consistent prayers for you!  Busy schedule, busy body does not dictate the things my mind must stay focused on... and often it is drifting across the miles on your behalf!  Loving you right back across those miles!...

  10. MyQuietCorner11:14 PM

    Not that simplifying and leaving space have been an easy task, but yes... so worth it!  Thanks for noticing my FFF absence.  Life just seems to have a way of getting crazy now and then.  I've been missing being a part as well...

  11. MyQuietCorner11:16 PM

    Not to say there haven't been moments of panic, but the benefits of the end results have far outweighed those moments.  I've been wanting to do it for some time too, the move just helped to force the issue.  :-)

  12. MyQuietCorner11:18 PM

    Thank you sweet friend!  I find myself still between moments of thrill mixed with moments of fear and being overwhelmed.  No matter how I FEEL... I KNOW that He is faithful!  Thanks for sharing in the excitement with us!

  13. JohnandLinda Price7:54 PM

    I'm a HUGE supporter and participant in Simplifying!  Hurray for you and hurray for the open spaces, and of course it's great when you have to spend less time cleaning.


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