A Letter To You

My dear friends,

How patiently you have waited for my return to this "My Quiet Corner" which has, over the years really become "Our Quiet Corner".

I had no idea with my last post that life would get all crazy like as it did.  But then, I guess that happens to all of us from time to time.  It just felt like the crazy of my world was added to the already crazy of my world.

And during this time I have considered.  Wondered.  Evaluated.

This place found itself as one of the things wrapped up in all of that considering.  Wondering.  Evaluating.  I thought perhaps it was time to turn off the coffee, fold the throws, close the blinds, and say goodby to this corner.

However, as I continued to consider, wonder, evaluate... and pray... 3 things came into my life that have led me to believe that my time spent here is not yet done.

Words and feedback given...

*  with my recent evaluation for work
*  on evaluations from recent new employees in my class
*  in an e-mail from one of you

Not all of them likely places to see a confirmation.  But the common thread woven through these unlikeliest of places encourage and prompt me to put more coffee on.  To bring out the throws.  To open wide the blinds and sit to pause and spend time here... with you!

I don't know if anyone has even stayed around.  I don't know if you want to continue on with my sporadic, crazy and most of the time seemingly upside down world.  But it has been confirmed that I will still be here.  However sporadic, crazy and seemingly upside down I feel or think I may appear.

Someone recently ended an e-mail sent to me with "You must be exhausted."  And I thought, yes, actually I am.

But God is sustaining...

Isn't that just like Him?!

"For forty years You sustained them in the wilderness, and they lacked nothing."  ~Nehemiah 9:21 (NLT)

Jeho'Ahaz...Jehovah: Our Sustainer.

May you find Him being your Jeho'Ahaz in your sporadic, crazy, and seemingly upside down world as well...


  1. Oh, I'm so happy to read these words from you, my friend!!  We all know about "life" happening.  Post when you can- share your words and your heart.  Whenever you can and feel that it will feed you rather than drain you.  xoxo

  2. mrspear11:26 PM

    Thank you - it is this way with old friends, time passes, but when you reconnect that time is like a minute!  And we pick up right where we left off.

  3. Nancy8:20 AM

    Thank you for staying!  I love to share your Quiet Corner for a few minutes.  Life is crazy, busy, hard, easy, loving and sometimes hard to love, but it's knowing others are here to support us along the way that keeps us going.  Keep going friend!  

    Rest when you need to (I'll bet you don't get much of that).  

  4. Oh, that verse is just perfect this week, this month....the past few years!  Thank you.  I will cling to the verse and the Sustainer today...

  5. Im so glad you decided to continue writing. I find great encouragement reading your words. Sorry I ahve been absent for a while. Life has thrown me a few curve balls, and im trying to regroup. I hope you are enjoying your summer!

  6. Linds9:50 AM

    I am still here. WE have all gone through so much together, it has created a bond, you see. And we are still here!

  7. lindalouise9:44 PM

    Ah, I am so glad. I've been "less" too, but it is okay. There is a deep connection no matter how often or how little we get to visit. Praying for strength and grace for you Donnetta.

  8. nikkipolani7:45 PM

    Yes, crazy happens, ready or not.  But we have an anchor in our Father.  May you feed on His sustenance.

  9. I'm still reading, sweet lady. :)

  10. MyQuietCorner1:43 PM

    Encouraging words I needed to hear.  Thank You Friend!

  11. MyQuietCorner1:45 PM

     I do appreciate that I know I can pick up right where I left off with you!  Thanks for being one of "those" friends! :-)

  12. MyQuietCorner1:47 PM

     Thank you for such encouraging words.  I do appreciate your presence with and support to me in this place!

  13. MyQuietCorner1:48 PM

     Yes, I have also been finding much encouragement in that verse.  Praying you are continuing to cling to and find Him as your Sustainer... even today!

  14. MyQuietCorner1:51 PM

     Oh Carey, no need to apologize!  Life hits us all (goodness, look who's talking- me!).  I do love the thought of having you around!  Just know you are always welcome when it works into all that you have going on!

  15. MyQuietCorner1:52 PM

     Yes, we have gone through so much together... haven't we?!  Your words have really had me thinking about it all and the bond that it has, indeed, created.  Thanks for still being here!  It means so much!

  16. MyQuietCorner1:53 PM

     Yes, friend, "less" is okay.  Thanks for reminding me of that! :-)  And thanks for the prayers for strength and grace.  Deeply appreciated!!

  17. MyQuietCorner1:56 PM

     Thank you for this powerful reminder that we do, indeed, have an anchor in our Father!  Holding fast to His promises and clinging to His sustenance...

  18. MyQuietCorner1:57 PM

     Aw, thanks Sis!  What a pleasure to have your presence here with me!


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