My Guatemalan 1/2 Sleeve Tattoo

I went wild in Guatemala!  I ended up with a "1/2 sleeve" tattoo.

While working on our house one day, Olga, the 11 year old niece of the family we were building the house for came and lifted my sleeve.  She showed me the smallest nubbin of an ink pen and then pointed to my arm shyly grinning up at me. 

It didn't take me long to realize that she wanted to draw on my arm.  It didn't take me long to grin back at her and lift my sleeve even higher.

And then she began her work.

She obviously had something in mind.  She was in no rush.  She took her time.  So much time that I continued to translate for the building as best as I could in my very limited Spanish while she continued to work. (our translator had been called away from the building site) 

And she worked...

We were all shocked by the detail of her finished product!  I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't this beauty!

The translation of what she wrote on my arm is this:

"Does Donnetta (she wrote and called me "Toneta") love God?"

And in the heart down below she answered by writing, "Yes, Toneta loves God."

Needless to say, I was more than proud to wear that!!!

We were going back to the house the next day.  I guessed that she might want to see it, so I was very careful in the shower that morning to be sure I didn't scrub it off.

Sure enough.  Not long after arriving on the job the next morning, while talking with someone, I felt the sleeve to my t-shirt creeping up.  I looked and there was Olga.

Her face was in a full grin as she reached up and rubbed my arm.  I reached out and put my hand on hers, returning a full faced grin.

One of our team members had brought his photo printer.  I was able to give her a copy of these pictures.

And how to explain the look on her face when she received those escapes my ability to even begin to put words to it...

I will forever treasure this, my Guatemalan 1/2 sleeve...


  1. Nancygraycejinks7:36 AM

    That young lady is quite the artist!  It is a beautiful "tattoo".....and reminds me of a funny story.  I have always been distressed at the tattoos my two oldest have and one day was asking a friend (I knew her children had them too) if it bothered her when I looked down and saw a tattoo of the Christian fish symbol with writing in it and said "oh, never mind!"  She then explained that it translated in Lugandan "Follower of Christ."  I said well if you have to have one, I guess that's a good one to have.  :)

  2. nikkipolani12:26 AM

    She was loving on you :-)

  3. How sweet was that experience!  

  4. Angie8:10 PM

    So, so awesome! What a beautiful picture of how we are written on His heart... :) 



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