Witnessing the Feeding of the 5000... er, um... almost 100

During our time in Guatemala, we spent a day working on a big project that the mission organization we were partnering with needed completed.

They had put out a call to the local's of the need as well.  Many came, volunteering of their time (huge for these people to give up a day of work!) .

At last count the mission organization had figured and heard to have about 68 or so showing up.  The local women of the lake district agreed to make lunch and bring it for all of those in attendance.

God was faithful to send workers!  Instead of the original count, close to 100 ended up showing.  Praise God!

But what about the count for the lunch that had been prepared and brought to the site?  There were only plans of 60 or so...

We had already had one earlier break to give the local men each a piece of bread as most of them had been working without breakfast.  When lunch time came, no one even thought twice about letting them get in line to eat first.

For many of them this would be their only meal of the day.  We, as a team, knew dinner would be waiting for us later in the evening.  Most of them had no such thoughts or hopes.

After all of them had been through the line, there was still food to be served.  The rest of us went through.

We all sat and ate together rejoicing in a hard morning's work and a job accomplished.

And then I noticed it.

Men going back for more food!  No one stopping them.

More.  More.  More.

When we had our full, it was noted... not only was there enough food to feed the almost 100 instead of the 68 that had been expected and prepared for... there were leftovers!

Miracles still happen today!

I wonder... how many times do I miss them because I'm too busy in my own frenzied world to stop and notice?...


  1. Heartwarming! Love this.

  2. Oh, how I love this.  How faithful He!  :)

  3. What a great thing to witness and be part of!  And they say miracles stopped with the apostles.  No way!

  4. MyQuietCorner9:00 PM

    I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  5. MyQuietCorner9:01 PM

     Yes, so VERY faithful! 

    (I still owe you an e-mail/phone call.  I have not forgotten... Thank you for your patience!)

  6. MyQuietCorner9:06 PM

    I agree, no way have they stopped!  In fact, they probably happen more often than I realize, I'm just not looking for them as often as I should.  It was an amazing thing to be part of for sure!

  7. No worries....you're busy and I've got other directions I can pursue while I wait.

    And that should have been "How faithful He is!"  haha.


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