I Thought I Understood Commitment to Help Others Until...

There was a huge project needing to be completed for the district church on one of our days in Guatemala. The numbers in the American teams present would not be near enough.  The call went out to the villages/district of the lake area.

Men from all over the area took a day from work to volunteer to come help.  Considering they need every bit of work they can get, this was a big deal.

Even bigger... at least 4 of those men walked 4 hours that morning to meet the farm truck for the ride to the job site. 

That meant after working hard all day and the ride back out, they would have another 4 hours of walking to get to their homes!  And most likely on just one meal that day.

And to top it all off... those 4 hours walking to catch the truck that morning... were through the mountains in the rain!

All for the sake of helping others with a need. 

And now I can't seem to shake the gnawing question from my own mind...

What is the level of my commitment to notice and respond to needs around me?  I mean, what is it... really?...

Oh yes, indeed, I am challenged.


  1. mrspear11:27 AM

    Thank you - feeling overwhelmed and challenged over here, and this story challenges me to dig deep in the Lord's strength.

    Loving hearing about your trip! 

  2. Sandra11:38 AM

    Great post.  I often ask myself the same question.  It's all very easy to say "I will do it" but when push comes to shove and action needs to be taken, am I really ready to dive right in?

    Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

  3. Nancygraycejinks10:11 AM

    That is a challenge!  Really makes me think, so thanks!  

  4. Thank you for your spiritual thoughts. This is now also my question: What is the level of my commitment to notice and respond to needs around me ... here in the Netherlands.

  5. OutnumberedMom5:21 PM

    We have such easy lives here in the US, don't we? Your question is a good one for me to consider right here, right now -- every day, in fact.

    Thanks, Donetta.

  6. MyQuietCorner7:35 PM

     Dig deep into His strength my friend.  Dig so very, very deep!  Praying!  Praying!!  Praying!!!

    And thank you for appreciating the stories of my trip.  People may tire of hearing about Guatemala before I'm done sharing... but there's just SO much!  So glad you're enjoying it! :-)

  7. MyQuietCorner7:36 PM

     Oh, I too find that "saying" is much easier than "doing".  I'm being so challenged thinking with this.

  8. MyQuietCorner7:37 PM

     I still find it a challenge and it still has me thinking!  And you're welcome.  :-)

  9. MyQuietCorner7:41 PM

     I LOVE that you are taking this same challenge and these same thoughts across the world... to the Netherlands!  Touching others lives and making a difference... together...despite so many miles.  Now that's working together.  LOVE IT!

  10. MyQuietCorner7:44 PM

     I knew I had it easy but I had no idea...  And even now I'm sure I'm only starting to grasp the surface.  I still find myself considering this question in my own life--today!  So blessed... 


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