Chit Chat and Catching Up

So it's been awhile, a LONG while, since we've actually sat over a cup of anything and just had a chat.  I own that.  Things have seemed so overwhelming for so long, it's almost as if I forgot how to just chat about the everyday of life.  Figured I'd work on remedying that beginning here...

Saying Hey:  For those of you that blog, it has been some time since I have been able to log on and read your words.  I opened my reader today and had an overwhelming number of unread posts.  Too overwhelming to even begin to think of commenting.

I spent some time rearranging how I had it all organized in hopes of not having that happen to that extreme again, at least not if I can help it.  Time will tell.  Let me just say... I've missed you!

Work:  I will admit the transitions in our work schedules have been much more difficult to navigate than I had envisioned.  We are both thankful for the opportunities we each have, but it just operates very differently than it looked on paper.  I am finally feeling like we are beginning to settle in... now 6 months later.

Family:  The little guy is now 4.  Can you even believe it?!  Our daughter officially graduated from speech therapy and is now as tall as me.  We find ourselves right in the middle of track season again with our oldest.  He is now 16 and got his learner's permit a couple of weeks ago.  How does the time pass like that?

Unexpected:  As if we needed something else to add to our schedule, extreme pain in my shoulder found me landing in physical therapy twice a week.  Thankfully surgery is not a word being thrown around.

Commenting Here:  So far things seem to be going quite well with my transition to disqus.  I'm thinking of going ahead and sticking with it, unless I hear (or encounter) something that would cause me to reconsider.  Speak up if you have an opinion and haven't already shared.

Joining In:  It appears some of you may be recently new here.  Let me invite you to join in, at any time, with sharing your thoughts below. (Click on "join the conversation" below the "you might also like" pictures. It may take a moment to load.) Introduce yourself and let us give you an official "welcome"!

To those friends who have journeyed with me over the past year, thank you for hanging around.  It hasn't been easy but God has proven Himself faithful.  So very, very faithful!

And to those of you that are newer, thank you for stopping by and deciding to hang out with us!  May you find your heart challenged, encouraged, and growing with fresh hope in Him!

I sure enjoy having the presence of each one of you!

So, how's that for attempting a re-entry into the chit chat of every day life?  I sure would enjoy hearing about what's been happening in the everyday of your life...


  1. NancyJinks11:22 PM

    What a nice chat!  So hard to believe your oldest is already 16!  One of my grandsons will be 16 in June!  That's hard to believe too!  Yikes!  You always inspire me and stretch me to go further and learn more...so thanks!  

    I think we have been blog friends for about 6 years now.....since you fixed my blog so long ago!  

    I'm glad the work/home schedule is working out!  

  2. MyQuietCorner11:57 PM

    16...I know, right?!!  We're just barely above 16 ourselves. I'm sure of it! LOL

    Thank you for your words of affirmation.  They blessed me!

    Has it already been 6 years?  Time flies when you're having fun, huh?  :-)  I have enjoyed EVERY moment of it!!  Here's to the year's ahead...

  3. Melanie Pennington8:20 AM

    I've been following you quietly for a couple of years. I enjoyed "our" chat very much this morning. Love this layout! It's so fresh and lovely.

    That 16 is an awakening moment that I feel I just had, and yet mine are 21 and 18 not. The 18 yo graduates from high school in 4 weeks and heads off to college in the fall! I want to go back to snuggling on the sofa with him, but pictures will have to suffice. It is lovely getting to "know" my kids as adults though : )

    Welcome back and thanks for sharing : )

  4. Stella8:27 AM

    While I was cruising I happened on your blog.  I was warmed by your warm friendly conversation.  I have a granddaughter turning 16 this week.  Hard to watch them turn from our babies into people but exciting as well.  Thanks for sharing.  Stella

  5. MyQuietCorner10:12 AM

    How wonderful to "hear" your voice Melanie!  I'm delighted to know that you have been joining us all of this time.

    Thanks for the feedback regarding the layout.  Much appreciated! 

    Sounds like you have some big changes happening in your world also with the youngest graduating and going to college.  WOW!  I too am finding enjoyment in getting to "know" more of who my children are as they are growing.

    Thanks for taking a few minutes to "chat".  Much enjoyed!!

  6. MyQuietCorner10:16 AM

    You're right, this "children growing" thing is difficult and exciting all at the same time!  I am consistently challenged to not take the moments for granted, for they pass much too quickly.  I'm trying to be "present" more and more!

    Thanks for taking a few minutes to stop and "chat!  And please know that you are welcome back anytime. 

  7. Donnetta!  You're alive and blogging :-)  Time certainly does fly when each moment seems packed to the edges.

  8. 4 years old already?  Yikes where did that time go?  I love that stage.  So much fun.  And 16 and getting his license.  That is awesome.   Congrats to your girl graduating speech therapy.  

    Praying your shoulder heals quickly.  Hope you are not in too much pain.

  9. MyQuietCorner5:30 PM

    Yes, I am alive and blogging.  :-)  Trying to get back into the swing of things...

  10. MyQuietCorner5:32 PM

    I agree, 4 is keeping us laughing... and running.  The other 2 help to take care of any extra time we may have.  :-) Thanks for the prayers regarding my shoulder.  Much appreciated!


Thank you for taking a moment to stop and chat. I enjoy the presence of you!