When to Not Focus on Others

I have been thinking a lot about what it really means to love others.  To look out for others best interest.  To put others first.  To die to self for the sake of others.  To love others as Christ did.

And then this last weekend I realized, there is one time that I should not be focusing on others.  This realization came as a hard thing to swallow because it was very tempting to want to focus on others... at this one time that I should not.

When God is challenging your own heart in something, when He has convicted you of something you need to change... that is one time not to focus on others.

God was wanting to change some things in my heart.  It was tempting to look at others and see if He was going to want to change those same things in them as well.  God was calling my heart to action in a certain area.  I was tempted to want Him to be asking that of others as well.

The one time I am to be looking to myself, I am tempted to look at others.  All of the other times I am to be focusing on others, I am tempted to focus on myself.   

Have you noticed this same ironic scenario? 


  1. That is so wise! He wants me to change things and my inclination is to say....what about them???

  2. Great word today.....I needed it!

    Praying your day is BLESSED beyond measure!


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