What Kind

After a diagnosis is given, what kind of parent allows their child to go through the necessary testing and procedures to resolve the problem?  What kind of parent would allow their children to endure discomfort, anxiety, and even possible pain in an attempt to heal the underlying condition needing fixing?

What kind?....

A caring, loving, compassionate parent.  A parent who only wants and allows what's best for the child and has their best interest in mind.

Not only accompanying them to such an appointment, but having first called to even schedule such an experience.  A parent whose underlying concern is for the overall well-being of the child.  The end result of restored health being the primary goal and focus.


What kind of a God allows difficulties in our lives?  Do I dare say that I think I am beginning to understand an answer more and more?

If He uses suffering, trials and testing to grow me more like Him, then is it not ultimately for my overall well-being?  If a situation is brought before Him and He gives permission, in His sovereignty and goodness, to allow that to come before me...can I not rest assured that He has a purpose... in even that?

It's not as if something tragic happens, and then He scrambles to make something good of it.  Oh no my friend.

Instead, He sees the potential situation and already knows the growth and change it could generate in me.  He already sees how much it could be my good.  How much it would allow me, through faith in it all, to reveal who He is... all for His glory.

Just as I take my child through what they might define a difficult and potentially painful experience to get to the bottom of a health issue...how much more would I not expect that my God might schedule an appointment of another kind, knowing full well that He will accompany me through it, to get to the other side of a "spiritual heart" issue.

Should I not instead welcome it, having full confidence that He already has a purpose in each moment of it?  If I will just honestly give every piece of it back to Him.

Not for my comfort.  Not for the ease of my life.  But to make me more and more into the imagine of His own Son, Jesus.  All for Him and His glory alone!

Trials, testing, difficulties... gifts of His grace to not leave me as I am, but to restore me to all that He designed me to be.

What kind indeed... 


  1. Oh, I love this......I am more and more (as I age) starting to understand this.

  2. This is a perfect analogy Donnetta, and He is a perfect and loving Father.


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