Ushering in 2012

I'm sure I can't even begin to formulate into words what I am sensing today.  In the midst of stomach flu in our family, even still my heart is rejoicing.

Maybe it was because today was the first day of a new year?  Maybe it was because I feel like I am finally getting to the other side of some difficult days?  Perhaps it was because of the words Linds shared regarding her word for the year and what it stirred in me?  Or perhaps it was being reminded by Linda of this promise?

Or maybe it was just the simple graciousness of God?

Whatever it was... I welcome it!

I was on the verge of tears in church.  Not because I was overwhelmed with heavy things as has been the experience more often in recent days, but instead overwhelmed with...



Awareness of God and His goodness.

I realize that things have been quite heavy in thought around here for some time.  I couldn't seem to find any other corner of my heart from which to write.

But now, today, it's as if there is a light bursting forth from some very deep places.

*step. skip*  *step. skip*  *step. skip*

There's a skip to my step.

I am beyond excited to see what 2012 holds.  I am ready to receive the gift of it..

The good.  The bad.  The ordinary.

I am becoming more and more consciously aware that each breath, regardless of the details that specific moment holds... is a gift. 

Here's to lighter and brighter days ahead... because of the freedom, excitement, joy, goodness and graciousness that He alone gives.


  1. Here's to a year of abundant grace and peace dancing in your soul!

    p.s. If you want to venture away from the cliffs and get to flat Florida, you have a place to stay with some almost sane people in the panhandle! Very close to the World's Most Beautiful Beaches!

  2. Many blessings to you this year, Donnetta!

  3. Donnetta~
    Praying that 2012 is a year filled with much love, joy, peace and BLESSING.


  4. 2012 may well intrigue, fascinate amuse, challenge...us. And a whole lot more. But it is journey we cannot avoid, and we have friends to skip along next to us, thank God. I so cherish my blogging friends!

    It is something I am looking forward to immensely, Donnetta, and by the end of this year, I am sure we will have written screeds of the adventures we have been sent on.What will our stories be, I wonder......

  5. You cannot know how much you have blessed me. Your heart is so tender and your spirit so sweet. I have watched you walk through such difficult days and you have come through with a shining joy.
    Thank you for mentioning my post Donnetta. I wrote it mostly for me - for I sometimes am frozen in fear when I look ahead. He gave me that promise and oh how it ministers to a fearful heart.

  6. I am so glad that I am not the only one who is finally feeling like the cloud has lifted. Praying that 2012 continues to be a year of light, promise and hope for all of us.


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