The Reading of My Tombstone

Have you thought much about your tombstone lately? When I think of mine it encourages, inspires, challenges and pushes me forward.

When I’ve attempted to create a life goal, mission statement or other form of purpose statement for my life, I seem to have trouble formulating it into a few simple words. I get much too wordy to include all that I want to pursue. I become discouraged as I can’t seem to accomplish it all and still do it well.

Many years ago I began wondering what I would want to be said about me at the end of my life? What legacy would I want to leave behind? What would I want to be known for? What one thing would I want my tombstone to say?

Over the years my tombstone saying has never changed. I have re-evaluated it. I have contemplated changing it. Yet, somehow, it has dug a furrow deep into my heart.

As I have grown and worked on bringing my tombstone saying to life, I am amazed at the irony of it all.

You see, I have come to realization that I am, at my very core, a rather selfish person. It requires a conscious effort on my part to think beyond myself. I find taking on the selfish me and laying down my own expectations and desires is a daily task and challenge.

I use this realization to force me into making my tombstone dream a reality. I use the challenge and thorn of it to drive me forward in taking on my selfish self and coming forth victorious as I overcome selfishness in different situations.

I long to not only learn to animate my tombstone saying for myself, but to also instill it in my children. I long for them to not only have the ability to proclaim about me the reading on my tombstone, but for them to then also be able to say, “And she taught us to do the same.”

I am frequently reading my tombstone in an effort to make the call on my heart a reality in my life. I’ll let you read my tombstone as well.

“Born to Serve.  Died Serving.”

Serving God.  Serving Others.  Serving in action.  Serving in motive.  Serving in prayer.  Serving...

Have you thought much about your tombstone lately?  What would you like it to say about you?

I challenge you to not write something easily attainable for you. Write something that will be more than just a simple accomplishment in the end.

Write something that will, in and of itself, dictate and explain a pursuit that entirely consumed a part of what your life represented as you changed (with God's help) to become a better person to make it a reality.

What does your tombstone life mission read?   What are you doing to accomplish it? 


  1. I can't say I've ever thought of this, Donnetta. The first thing that pops into my mind would be "She loved well". But I do love yours and you've set it as a goal for your life. Something to think about.

  2. I really haven't thought about it Donnetta. I can understand your struggle. I am such a selfish being too. It is a difficult attitude to overcome.
    I will have to think about the tombstone thing.


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