Diluting God's Blessing

DIRECTIONS: “Mix contents with 3 cans of cold water.”

I handed her the can of juice and asked her to make it. We found a pitcher to mix it in. We read the directions together. I opened the lid on the concentrate for her. I walked away.

One more thing to cross off of my list. A task delegated and done. Simple.

A few minutes later I returned. The juice was diluted. Terribly diluted. What had happened? How had this occurred?

Upon further investigation I discovered that the directions had been followed. Cans of cold water had been added... 1-2-3.  

Then I learned the rest.

After the 3rd can of water had been poured, the pitcher was not full. To a young girl this did not look right. Surely there must have been some mistake. The pitcher should be full, shouldn’t it?

After adding 3 cans of water as the directions instructed, and as we had discussed together, she proceeded to fill the pitcher the rest of the way.

She didn’t trust the directions on the can. The people who had made the product told very clearly the directions to achieve completion.

Yet it was questioned. It didn’t look right. It was decided it must not be right and actions were taken into her own hands.

I confess. I’ve done that same thing. Not with a can of juice, but with directions of another kind. I have done the same thing with my life. I am given step by step instructions from God.

I follow the instructions exactly as they are given. Nothing is left out or altered. However, after the directions are completed, I step back to survey the situation.

It seems too simple. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t look quite right. Surely there is a different way. There must be more. How could these instructions be what was intended?

I question the Maker with the master plan and the master directions. I take matters into my own hands.

My survey of the situation is not how the plan was intended to be. I am disappointed in the outcome. I am frustrated that it has turned out as it has. It does not provide near the fulfillment that could have been.

I sometimes dilute the blessing and outcome that God had intended. If I would simply just follow the directions…


  1. You are not alone my friend. I too dilute way more often then I care to admit. Then I feel like I'm floating in something that I shouldn't be. Thankfully at those times God takes over and fixes the situation.

  2. Ahhh, my friend. The Christian life--simple, but not easy. Your words are a reminder to steep myself in truth and to pray that He would guide my steps so that I won't walk in my own way.

    I'm still here... starting to function again, so hoping you'll see more of me again. :)

  3. A beautiful comparison, with SO much truth in it. I dilute too much too. Sigh.

  4. Great analogy Donnetta. I am so guilty of this. I am forever wanting to "help" the Lord. My plans just never seem to work out as I hoped they would:-)

  5. Great insights, as usual Donnetta. I love how you see application in so many places. Now if only I could stop filling up the pitcher!

  6. Ditto. I'm a diluter too. Why is it I don't learn that the Maker knows what will make the perfect mix?


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