Conversation Mix

Okay, so here's the deal. I don't know about you, but I feel like the last little bit things have been pretty heavy around here... pretty serious.

Now don't get me wrong. I take my relationship with God and my walk with Him VERY serious! On the other hand, there is great joy in that relationship and walk, and I'm not so sure I've done a good job of sharing that side as well.

You know... the ability to just enjoy life for what it is. The day-in and day-out mundane things. The little things I learn in every day living that make a big difference.

When I envision life here at this place, it always holds thoughts of us all gathering in the living room with shoes off and throws available. Or perhaps sipping a cup of coffee together while chatting at the kitchen table.

The goal is to invite you in for the friendship, conversation and pausing in our day.

When I do that in real life, invite others in... the topic is not always centered on one thing. The conversation has a wide range of topics and it just flows at will. No set expectations or agenda. Just time spent conversing together. 

Sometimes over the very serious, thought provoking and deep things of God. But sometimes over the new recipe found, the new bedtime routine established for the little ones or the events happening in our lives that day.

I want to get back to that. A conversation mix. Not that the deep, more serious conversations won't happen. I guarantee they will. For that is part of who I am.

But also part of who I am is learning to navigate the daily of life. Finding how God fits into every crevice even if it's learning a new recipe or caring for my family.

A conversation mix... isn't that what true conversation would look like if you were able to really come into my home on a regular basis? I can only imagine we would have the best of discussions on a variety of topics... and that is what I want to bring back to My Quiet Corner.

Are you okay with that?


  1. Linda2:17 PM

    I am more than okay with that. I love getting together and just talking about whatever is on our hearts and happening in our lives. It is just a comfort to have someone to share life with.

  2. Reluctantentertainer2:17 PM

    Ah, thank you, friend. Glad it's over and done, but I will admit it was kinda fun doing the interview! I like your "conversation" idea. :)

  3. Reluctantentertainer2:17 PM

    I love this idea. You have so much "conversation" to share with all of us, too. I like to think of blogging as journaling too, in case my kids ever pop on and want to read what's up. Not always too serious, but life and what's happening ... :)

  4. We definitely need another phone date! :)

  5. Lostinprairies2:17 PM

    I know I have a tendency to either write too heavy or too light. Nothing in the middle which is where I normally am in real life. I can't wait to reconnect. I've been a little missing from the bloggy world and am trying to get back in. That's what happens with there's one computer and I'm at the bottom of the usage list. :)

  6. I know that feeling. Its seems lately that for me, its either heavy, or i push it off, for various reasons. A disconnection somewhere. I would love to come visit, and just talk about whatever comes up, big or small, deep or not.

  7. I'm good with chatting! :) I would love to sit down in real life and have a long conversation. Maybe one day.


Thank you for taking a moment to stop and chat. I enjoy the presence of you!