Love... In Real Life

So, it's Valentine's Day.

For many a day full of chocolate and flowers and teddy bears and cards.

My day started quite differently.  In the first wee hours of this morning, I was woke by a child in tears who has been sick since Friday and still not feeling well.  I got up to give medicine, tuck her back into bed, and settle myself back down.

Just a couple of hours later, waking for the day found me not only waking to her cough, but to coughing coming from the monitor in the little guy's room.  It was official.  Two down.

Conversations of last night continued this morning between hubby and I.  Nothing tragic, or majorly upsetting... just the needed communication regarding the stuff of life.

He glanced at me this morning surrounded by ill and coughing children, sent a wink and a smile my way with a loving "Happy Valentine's Day".

I have been considering since what Valentine's Day is really about.

My day will be filled with dosing medications, taking temperatures, wiping runny noses, keeping gatorade cold, serving warm soup, and loading up on vitamin C for myself.

It will find my heart continuing to process through the conversations with my hubby and the direction to head with the stuff of life. 

And then I consider, perhaps the things that will fill my day will be celebrating Valentine's Day after all... in it's truest form.

The things of life...

Not likely to bring the most happiness.  But rather demonstrate love at it's core.

Love... In Real Life.

What is one way you could demonstrate love at it's core to someone today?  Not something normally expected for Valentine's Day.

In fact, it may even be something that wouldn't necessarily provide for you the most happiness, but would meet the heart need of another.

Why not share what you plan to do, or share what you did. 

Let's encourage and inspire each other today to not love because it's Valentine's Day, but love because loving is what life is about.

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!


  1. You are demonstrating that love isn't only a feeling -- it's all the things on your list for today. Valentine's hugs to you.

  2. Great thoughts today my friend.

    I'll be praying for all that are sick in your home.

    Love is truly something that needs to be LIVED out...daily....

    Blessings my friend.

  3. My husband and I don't give gifts very often, but what we do both truly have is the gift of each other. I have the gift of a good and Godly husband. I want to and try to treasure that each day. I usually fall short, but just have to keep leaning on Him to remember to love him.

    You have your Valentine plate full! Praying for you and thinking of you today!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day dear friend, you post is excellent!

    May our Greatest Valentine bless you richly.

  5. Happy Valentine's Day sweet girl. Praying the little ones will be well soon. There is such wisdom in your words - always.
    I do hope for a little something special just for you today too!


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