My Children Have Faith in My Abilities... or Not

Setting the scene:  My daughter was watching Little House on the Prairie.  Laura was sitting at a table in the sunshine, working on her book.  Here's our conversation from there...

Me:  "Now that's what I want.  To be outside on a warm, sunny day with quiet to write."

Son:  "You want to write a book?"

Me: "I have a book idea in mind."

Son: "So, mom's going to be an author when she gets older."

Me:  "Just think of all the money you could have from it."

Son:  "If it's a good book that is."

Daughter (from out of nowhere)"Well, maybe everyone will pay extra because she will be so old."
Too Funny.

But what do you say after that?....


  1. Oh that is funny Donnetta. I really can't think of a come-back. We just will always look ancient to them!

  2. LOL! Ya gotta love kids...


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