How I Generate Extra Quiet

About a week ago I shared that I felt impressed to quiet myself and rest.  I admit, that's hard to do with a schedule, a toddler, teens, school and all else that encompasses my days.

I found myself doing those things that I often do to generate extra rest and quiet in an otherwise normal and busy day. 

1.  Set the Environment:  I put in a variety of CD's to play in the background while the activities continue.  I sometimes find my children even seem a bit more settled when I do this.  The  particular day I posted about quiet,  I was drawn to instrumental.  I have also found praise and worship music to be so effective for when I'm needing to settle my own heart and spirit.

2.  Step Away:  I often find that quieting the online noise helps to focus my heart towards quiet.  I shut down my computer, turn off the screen and step away.

3.  Screen the Calls: I admit it.  On days when I'm sensing the need and draw to extra quiet, I tend to screen my calls.  I most often let the call go to voice mail and then listen to the message.  If it is something that can wait, it does.  During these times I really try to quiet my own mind and mouth to speak only what is required for the moment.

4.  Speak His words:  I spend extra moments in the day reading and reminding myself of Scripture.  I turn the words over in my heart and mind.  Whether it's my scripture cards, grabbing my Bible for a quick verse, or just asking God to remind me of His Word that He wants to bring to my mind; I try to make my day intentionally focused on Him in extra measure as I am accomplishing what the activities of the day demand.

What things do you do when you are needing a bit more calm, quiet and rest in an otherwise ordinary and busy day?


  1. Wait, you mean screening calls and not alway answering the door is not just a given all the time? My husband had to work hard to teach me this and I am so glad he did.

    I like to listen to the Bible on CD - there are lots of children's CD's were the songs are straight form scripture!

    We sometimes have extra scripture memory time when mommy needs it too.

    But the best thing, as you say, is unplugging from everything that originates outside the house.

  2. This is coming at the right time. I had an afternoon of corralling unruly preschoolers and one ADHD little girl, and I wondered if there was a full moon because of all the fuss! They wore me down and I simply put everyone to bed early and am grabbing quiet time. #4 is especially important on days like today!

  3. To quiet my mind and to take a moment away from hectic activity, I have to have complete quiet. No music (I know that's a bit odd) and no noise. That's when I read the Bible and by the way I'm still a little bit ahead. But in order to read, I have to be alone with NO distractions. Even then, I'll catch myself thinking while I'm reading and have to go back and read again.

  4. I'll take a moment a just focus on the Lord and take a few really deep breaths. That seems to calm and quiet my mind and heart and body. I'll try and take a moment to read scripture or recall scripture that had spoken to me recently. Also just telling God how great He is brings peace and calm for me.


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