Eagerly and Expectantly Waiting

Have you ever felt like God was trying to say something to you? Like there was something He wanted to share? A somewhat quiet, persistent, gentle tugging that you couldn’t quite figure out?

That is where I have been. I keep reading His Word, listening for His voice, searching out what it might be...but I don't find answers and the feeling just won’t leave. Almost a restlessness of spirit.

I’m not even sure it is so much something I am supposed to know or hear right now. Part of me wonders if there is something coming that He is preparing me for. Something that He needs me already looking to Him for. Waiting on Him with every breath, looking and listening for what it He is wanting to share.

Maybe no one else has ever sensed that prodding in your spirit? Maybe you think I’m crazy to be feeling this, let alone sharing this? Maybe it is nothing more than God just wanting to make sure my heart is willing and ready for whatever it may be, wanting my heart to be so in tune to Him that I acknowledge even the smallest things?

And then again, maybe it’s that long awaited direction and answer to an item or items of prayer?

I have been searching in an attempt to learn what it was I was supposed to be hearing, doing, or saying. Today, I realized that maybe I am to just sit back and wait… to wait in expectation.

Expectation of what God is going to work out on my behalf. Expectation of where He needs my heart to be and what He is leading to next. Expectation of what this time in life holds. And so I will.

I will continue to begin each morning meeting with Him. I will keep my ears turned toward His voice, ready to hear His whisper and respond in a moment’s notice.

I will wait… eagerly and expectantly.

Psalm 5:3b (NIV): "In the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation."


  1. I know very well the feeling of my Father preparing my heart for things to come - both the good and the bad. He so often readies us in advance for what lies ahead....then we are better able to cope with the circumstances that arise when they arise.

  2. Thank you for sharing! What you shared today puts words to what I have been experiencing! I can't wait to see what is to come. . for you and for me! Thanks for sharing...God is using you! Keep it up!!

  3. YES! YES!!! YES!!!

    Well, not the crazy part, but yes to the rest!

  4. Donnetta
    Have you heard John Waller's "While I'm Waiting"? Sometimes it's all I can sing...

    While I'm waiting...


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