Escaping the Confines of Time

My husband and I celebrated 16 years of marriage a couple of weeks ago. It was not too much before that when he mentioned that he wanted to take me away for an overnight. I was ecstatic!

We began our search of where to go. We went this last weekend and returned home last night. It was absolutely delightful!

My day to work last week was Friday. My MIL keeps the children while I work, and she offered to keep the children not just Sat. night when we would be out of town, but also Friday night to give us a bit longer together... just the two of us. What a BLESSING!

He treated me to a nice dinner Friday evening. Something we rarely do. It was absolutely wonderful. Saturday morning was the church men's breakfast. His attending this gave me some glorious time in the house... completely quiet.

He returned home surprising me with a freshly washed car, both inside and out. He had roses and a card in his hand to begin our official time away.

We loaded the car and off we went. It was then as if I had escaped the confines of time.

Suddenly, there was no such thing as a schedule or a need to watch the clock. Time was completely ours to do with as we chose.

We drove the hour and a half to our lodging destination for the night. We had a room at a delightful bed and breakfast in a small historic town. We found a family owned diner established in the early 1900's. We sat on the stools at the bar and each ordered a double scoop ice cream cone.

We drove. We hiked. We explored.

Yesterday was just as leisurely. He brought me coffee in bed and we just sat, drinking our coffee, talking, enjoying the moment together.

We did more hiking, more driving, more exploring... all the while noticing that time seemed to be moving so slowly, so leisurely... we were soaking up every minute of it!

Then the weirdest thing happened. As soon as we arrived back home to pick up the children, it was if the clock began moving at a brisk speed again. Minutes and hours began escaping us. By the time we crawled into bed last night, we realized it was already ten and wondered where the time had gone.

Life at home with schedules, responsibilities, and clocks has all once again resumed. I do not mind as this is what life is.

However, I was so blessed to have this weekend in which I escaped the confines of time, together with my husband, if only for a brief moment.

Those moment's will forever be treasured deep down in my heart.

I was reminded to allow for more moments such as these. When a specified amount of time does not dictate a certain routine, or schedule or task.

Rather, that time frame is just allowed to be. I am just allowed to be. To slow. To ponder. To enjoy and focus on, well, nothing much at all... except for those around me.

Have you ever noticed that time slowed? Or better yet, didn't exist at all? Have you ever taken time... to escape the confines of time? When was the last time you allowed life to just be? You allowed yourself to just... be?

It doesn't require an occasion. It doesn't necessitate a trip. It only requests a specified amount of time where nothing is planned, scheduled or dictated to be done. It just asks to set aside time to do nothing that your heart is not first drawn to. A time to just be...and that is enough.

Perhaps it's time to schedule a time... to escape the confines of time.


  1. Oh, bless you and your husband as you enjoy each other! I'm so glad you got to do this! Our 23rd anniversary was back in Feb. and we also took a getaway trip. It was so nice, so I have a little idea of how much you enjoyed yours. Congratulations!

  2. It sounds idyllic Donnetta. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    One of my favorite things about vacations is that suspension of time. All the responsibilities and cares seem to slip away - until we get back home, and then it all begins again.
    I like the idea of just taking time to be.

  3. Happy Happy Anniversary!!
    I'm glad you had such a wonderful time outside of time with your love. :)

  4. Hey Donnetta.. I know just what you mean.. John and I took a weekend away a while back and stayed at a bed and breakfast, built in the 1800's..and we had No agenda, NO schedule, No plans to do anything... we just woke up when we wanted to and did what ever came to mind,,or did nothing.
    one afternoon he took a nap, i took a glass of tea and a magazine and sat out on the back patio area, for what seemed like heaven time.. slowwwwwwww....
    So Im so glad you guys enjoyed your self..and I know how important that time is..
    God bless you and your 16 yr marriage!!

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! Your advice is SO wise, and it has taken years for me to begin to learn it.

    Life with four boys is a whirlwind and as each leaves the nest, I just tend to fill up that time with something else. We're learning to slow down and not feel guilty about it...slowly.

    Marriages need this kind of time, and so do individuals. Thanks for this post.

  6. What a lovely post! Happy anniversary to both of you. You've described exactly how I feel when my husband and I take a weekend together. There is no time, no schedule, no list of things to do. The first time we took such a weekend was for our 10th. Since then (16 years ago!) we've managed to do so just about every year. It's so necessary for couples and for their families!

    I feel the same 'escape from the confines of time' when I'm deep into a writing project. It's hard to pull out of it when duty calls!

  7. Congratulations! Sounds like a great get-away weekend. Mark and I had 5 days alone this week as all three girls were at camp and our son went to the neighbor island to visit cousins. What a treat! Even though Mark had to work, we had mornings and evenings all to ourselves (and I had all day to myself). Blessings! *;)


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