Friday's Fave Five: A Busy Week

Good Friday morning! Feel free to sit back, put your feet up and stay awhile.

The air is crisp, the frost is still present, but the sun is shining!

A beautiful morning as I say goodbye to a busy week. A beautiful morning as I usher in a family filled weekend.

Yes, a good Friday morning. As I look back, here are five of my favorite things of this past week.

1. Scripture Recognition: We had the Christian radio station on as we were driving about town, the children and I. As a song was playing my son asked, "Mom, isn't that song a verse in the Bible?" Yes, it was.

My heart smiled as my son recognized God's own Word that day without prodding. We then began to list off other songs we knew that were Scripture to music. An encouragement that God's Word is hiding in their hearts, just sometimes deeper than I see.

2. Celebrating Babies: Attended a baby shower for a friend. Their daughter is so excited about her baby brother coming in just weeks, as we all are.

3. Community Helpers: I spent a day at the preschool of our church. Each year they do a unit on community helpers. During that time, I dress in my nursing scrubs and gather my nursing supplies.

I talk to the 4 year old classes and share my "toys" with them. They then play doctor/nurse themselves with toy medical kits, dolls, phones, etc. It is always so much fun for me, especially as their eyes widen and a smile appears on their face as I help them listen to their own heartbeats.

4. Singing and Sleep: One evening this week I listened in the quiet of the living room as my daughter put herself to sleep singing out songs to the Lord with the radio. I can't think of a greater focus when entering into a night of sleep.

5. Modern Day Miracles: There is nothing quite like faithfully praying for a friend which allows you to be just a small part of such a greater miracle for them. What an honor.

Head over to Susanne's to see what things were favorite's for others.

What things in your week became favorite's for you?


  1. There's nothing like the joy of seeing our kids discover the living Word of God. I love it. Thanks for sharing your faves. Have a blessed weekend. Aloha *;)

  2. I love this list Donnetta. I still remember those scripture songs I learned as a child. It's a great way to hide the word in your heart!

  3. Starting the love of God's word and praise young in their lives -- great things to be thankful for this week!

  4. I love hearing children sing themselves to sleep, its such a soothing sound.

    Sounds like a good week

  5. What a precious moment to realize your child recognised the Word of God! Sounds like you'v been doing your job well.

    It is so sweet to hear a little one sing (or talk) him/herself to sleep.

  6. Your kids are so sweet!

    How neat that you get to show young children what you do. You never know which of those children might just choose nursing because of the small seed for helping people that you planted.

  7. You had a great week! Thanks for sharing your joy in your profession and your kids! Have a great weekend!


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