Numbers that Can Consume

Blood Pressure

And if you are a blogger...


I only know of a couple of people that blog and say that numbers have never really been an issue for them. I admire that! However, many bloggers that I know admit to the struggle of the numbers.

If you are not a blogger, or if you are one of those that numbers do not matter, this post may not be of any interest to you. However, if you do blog and struggle with this or even remotely think you might, I encourage you to read on.

In offering of my own honesty, transparency and humility... I admit I fell into the trap. It caused my blogging to lose focus on the goal and become consumed by a number, any number. It was ushering me to an ugly place in myself.

I am sharing honestly in an effort to caution you, my friend, to slow and examine your blogging regularly. You may be a much stronger person than I and consistently manage it effectively and efficiently. If so, I loudly applaud you!

However, if like me you can relate to the potential the numbers have to consume, be aware that the change of mind can happen so subtly and ever so quickly.

Consuming blogging numbers have the potential to be...

joy snatchers
motive changers
vision grabbers
depression generators

selfish seekers
relationship robbers

I have learned the hard way the need to control the numbers instead of letting the numbers control me. It wasn't a fun lesson but one that was desperately needed!

Bloggers: slow your schedule, take time to examine, be honest with yourself, beware... the numbers just may be looking for another heart to consume. Believe me, it is not worth it!


  1. **grin** I am sending hugs your way, I am proud of you!

  2. OH AMEN. Did I say that loud enough? AAAMMMMEEEENNNN!!

  3. You are so right and I must confess that I get caught up in that too!

  4. I can certainly identify with this. I have really struggled for balance with blogging. One of the things I was convicted of just the other day was envy - of those who seem to be doing so much with their blogs. I am ashamed to say I caught myself feeling that way. I have to get back to the place of what my true purpose in doing this is.
    Thanks for this Donnetta.

  5. It is so easy to get all caught up in that. I used to check my sitemeter at least once a day but just got to the point when I had to take a hard look at why that was so important to me. I have to say I feel so much better now that I very, very rarely look up my numbers anymore. In fact, I have to look up my password everytime because I never remember it. LOL. Now if I could just get past the point of letting go of the guilt if I don't post and comment every single day.


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