The Activities of My Break

In addition to processing and deciding the direction of this little ol' place of mine, a few other things also happened during my break.

We made an emergency trip the day before Christmas Eve... to the salon. My daughter wanted short hair. She was convinced I could cut it that way. I tried. I was too tired to protest. What was I thinking??

After trying to get it straight (and only going shorter and shorter), I gave up and called around quickly and found a place open until 9 PM that accepted walk ins. $16 later she has a very cute haircut, and it's short!

The week after Christmas my son had a surgical procedure done in his mouth. It left him having liquids the first day and soft foods for a couple of days following. It also left us dosing him with pain meds every 6 hours round the clock for 4 days. I was thankful that I had planned it on the break like I did. We all needed the time to lay low.

The number for poison control is now prominently displayed by our phone. The week of my son's surgery, as creatures of habit, we put out his vitamins forgetting that he would not be able to consume them that day.

Our busy little guy saw this as an opportunity to perhaps increase the status of his own health and decided to take them. He had one multivitamin and an additional dose of Vit. C. I called poison control just to be on the safe side.

Nothing to worry about other than a few runny diapers. Oh Fun!

Needless to say he has been quite healthy since.

Although there were great moments of quiet, rest and regrouping... there were also those moments that speed the beating of a mother's heart, increase her risk of another gray hair and challenge the true steel of her nerves ever so slightly.

So tell me, how was your break?


  1. Doctor's appointments and more doctor's appointments. Diagnosis appointments ALMOST complete, then onto treatment...

    The rest of the time we spent some absolutely glorious quiet family time at home!

  2. My break was a lot more uneventful than yours! But then we have an empty nest - so it isn't little ones that keep us hopping these days. Fortunately my Dad has had no emergencies recently - so all has been calm. I find I really like it that way.
    Glad all is well at your home now!


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