Friday's Favorite Five: Cultivating Thankfulness

If you are a regular here, you know that it was a week ago yesterday that I had a sick child (in the midst of other things as well).

As of Wednesday this week, I had three sick children. By the time the third became ill, I was already exhausted. My first desire was to cry.

As I was on the couch that night (I slept on the couch so I could tend to sick children through the night and let hubby sleep.), I became aware of how God was answering a prayer of mine.

I have been asking that God would help me to "cultivate thankfulness" (Col. 3:15; MSG) Apparently He is doing just that, because as I lay there my heart began to be thankful in the middle of the events consuming my week.

To celebrate Friday, here are five favorite things I am most thankful for this week in the midst of illness!

1. School schedule: I homeschool my daughter so no worries there. However, for my son this meant missed school days. This week was finals. That meant Wed. and today are only 1/2 days. Yesterday was 3/4 of a day.

This leaves no homework or classwork to be caught up. Only tests and presentations (which he already has completed and ready to present). This coming Monday and Tuesday are already scheduled days off for teacher in-service. This allows for plenty of time to get better (without missing more school) as it appears this illness is taking about a week to recoup.

2. Evening schedule: During this basketball season, my hubby and son have been helping out at the games by running the shot clock and scoreboard. This has been needed a couple of evenings a week. Out of all the weeks of the season, there was not one game this week! That has left every evening this week with the ability to stay home!

3. Extra cuddles: My very busy almost 2 year old is not known to be a cuddler. He may sit for a moment or two, but then he is off with things to do. Not feeling well has found him snuggling on my lap in the rocking chair on more than one occasion.

Now don't get me wrong. I would not wish illness on him at any time for the benefit of extra cuddles, but if he is going to be ill and extra cuddles come with the deal... I won't refuse them!

4. Slower mornings: School mornings find our house a busy place as we are all up and out the door by 8 AM to get my oldest to school. Being too ill to go has allowed the last few mornings to function at a slower pace. Such a peaceful and quiet way to start the moments of the coming day.

5. Friends: Last but certainly not least, all of you offering prayers and words of encouragement. I can't begin to tell you how much your comments and e-mails have meant to me, especially considering I have barely left my house this week other than for worship team practice last night and a juice run to the store to replenish my available supply.

Thank You for always being a bright spot in my weeks!

I had no idea God would choose such a week to reveal to me that He is answering the prayer of my heart, to cultivate thankfulness. What an encouragement that brings to my weary body and soul! Thankful He chooses to reveal Himself at just the perfect time!

Be sure to head to Susanne's to see what favorites other's found in their week.

What were you thankful for this week that has become a favorite?

If you can't think of something, I challenge you to think back and discover it. I'm sure it's there, but like any cultivating, it may take some effort. It's just a guess, but I'm thinking you won't be sorry once you find it.


  1. Looking for the blessings always puts a new perspective on things. Finding your posts is one of my favorites! Aloha*;)

  2. I love slow mornings too, but its too bad when they come because of illness.

    Hope your kids are well and that next week is a little better!

  3. Hope everybody's better there, Donnetta. And that you're catching up on some rest! Being a mom of sick kiddos is such a tiring job.

  4. That's one thing I like about this meme -- I don't otherwise think back through the week, but this helps me find and rejoice in the good things.

    Like you, I wouldn't wish sickness on anyone, but the break in routine and some extra cuddling are nice. I'm glad it happened during a good time in the schedule. Hope everyone is on the mend.

  5. Sometimes we have to push aside all those hard things that clamor loudly to find the blessings from the week, but when we look for them they are there. So glad you were able to find good things from what I can only imagine has been an exhausting week for you Donnetta! Praying next week everyone will be healthy and back to normal.

  6. How lovely to get hugs from your little guy. I wonder if he'll tolerate more hugs after he's well. And I'm glad you are learning a thankfulness lesson even in the midst of hosting Mr. Murphy.

  7. Anonymous9:24 PM

    I pray you all will get well soon and you and your husband don't get it also.


  8. I love finding the things to be thankful for. Slow mornings extra cuddles are among my favorite things, too. :) And since my littlest has been sick for a couple of days, I got some extras myself!


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