An Uninvited Guest

We had a visitor show up last week. He has overstayed his welcome!

In most any other situation, I am quite a warm, welcoming and hospitable host if I do say so myself. I invite guests in with a smile on my face and a plea to make themselves at home.

This time is different. Murphy has come and does not appear to be leaving. You know the guy. The one who brings with him the law that, "If something can go wrong, it will."

For example, last week ended with ...

* A child with a terrible cold, cough and fever of 101.4.

* A split lip for me compliments of the little guy's head.

* Hubby's car not starting while he was needing to leave for work. I threw on some clothes to run him to the bus stop and returned home just in time to get my son to school. We later learned the starter had gone out.

Apparently, Murphy has decided to stick around for just a bit longer.

Yesterday during church my daughter looked at me rubbing her eyes saying they itched really bad. One look and instantly I was quite sure of the diagnosis. Pink Eye. *sigh* Great...

We have had a very long night of little sleep. Now to keep it from spreading to the rest of us.

I will be making a call to the doctor's office at 9 AM sharp when they open to make an appointment.

I wonder how long Murphy plans on staying?...

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  1. I am so sorry. Praying you find a good mechanic for inexpensive. Praying everyone heals quickly.

  2. Let's see...are you entertaining angels unaware? Or maybe you need to tell Murphy to go sit on a tack... :)

    Hang in there, my friend!

  3. Hmmm...yup, definitely stinks.

    Praying for all this to quickly be over and an inexpensive solution to the car problem.

  4. Sounds like my week! I pray that this week is better for you my friend. :O)

  5. That Murphy. He's is the unwelcome guest. I had a visit from him this weekend.

  6. Oh no! Oh, friend... I will pray that Murphy's stay will end today. I'm sorry.

  7. We are doing a series on Spiritual Warfare in our church, and our sweet Pastor would say that "Murphy" showed up with fiery darts!
    Praying that all will be well Donetta. Put on that armor!!