You're Invited: A Christmas Invitation

I do believe the Christmas season is upon us. New Christmas lights are appearing everyday. Decorations are coming out of storage and going up. Christmas music is now playing on the radio. Christmas is in the air.

As I listen to the music, look at the lights, and bring out my own Christmas decorations... memories of Christmas past come flooding over me. There are so many sights, sounds, smells, and scenes that trigger such things.

As I began to think of my own favorite Christmas memories, I thought, how very fun it would be to hear yours as well.

So, spread the word. Everyone is invited. On Monday, December 14 let's slow down, take a moment and meet here in "My Quiet Corner".

Post your favorite Christmas memory. I will put up "Mr. Linky" so we can all be sure to "hear" and share each others memories. If you do not have a blog, come here that day and share your memory in the comments section.

Be ready to pull up a chair and grab a warm throw. There will be a fire burning, warm drinks ready, snacks to munch on, Christmas music in the background, and warm hearts of friends sharing a quiet moment of Christmas together in "My Quiet Corner".


  1. Sounds lovely, I'll bring some music! ;o)

  2. How fun!

    Just one problem...now with children I have new favorites every year and they totally overshadow my childhood ones!

    Being a mom is great.

  3. oh, this sounds like so much fun!!!


Thank you for taking a moment to stop and chat. I enjoy the presence of you!