Favorite Christmas Memories

Please, please... come on in. I'm so glad you are here. Even if you do not come with your own Christmas memory to share, please come and just relax. The fire is burning, hot drinks are served, plenty of goodies for everyone, and throws are available to keep out the winter chill.

Today, warm hearts of friends gather to share a quiet moment of Christmas together here in "My Quiet Corner".

Come share with us, sit with us, remember with us.

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I was about 11 years old with 3 siblings younger than me. It was the season of Christmas. We gathered together as a family. My parents shared the news. There would be no gifts this year.

It had been a hard year. A very difficult year. There was no money left for the toys of Christmas. We usually received socks, toothbrushes and other essentials for living. Those would probably be there. The rest was not possible.

I could see the disappointment in their eyes. They so badly wanted there to be more. There just wasn't. We began to talk about the meaning of Christmas... the gift of the small baby Jesus, being healthy, able to be a family, the food we would share, the games we would play...

I went to bed Christmas Eve happy from the gifts I had already been given. Parents that loved me, food on the table during a difficult time, and a pair of new socks. I had settled in my heart that Christmas would be a glorious time as it always was.

The Christmas tree was up and lit. There was snow outside. There would be smells of food inside. We would recite from memory the Christmas story together as a family. Wasn't THAT really what Christmas was all about? (That is my other favorite memory... every year, we all recite Luke 2: 1-20 together as a family, in unison. Oh wait, did I just sneak in a 2nd memory? Ooopps!! *grin*)

I fell into a quiet, peaceful sleep. Tomorrow was Christmas and I was excited to celebrate!

When we woke, I thought I was dreaming. Packages were bursting from beneath the tree. They were spilling into the living room. It couldn't be. What of the talk we had as a family? I stood in amazement and disbelief.

We kept questioning our parents for answers. They would say nothing. Each and every gift under that tree had names on them. Names of the family members who they were to, and a name as to who it was from. Each and every gift we opened that year said,

"From Jesus".

For years to come, when we would ask where the gifts came from, their answer was always the same... from Jesus.

It wasn't until this past summer when I finally learned where those gifts had come from. The giver passed from this life here on earth to go be with Jesus. It was then that my parents told me.

I learned that a single mom with 2 young girls of her own had provided gifts for each and every one of us that year. It was the best Christmas of all.

I caution you to not think it was the best Christmas because we received gifts. Quite the contrary.

To a little girl, of course the brightly wrapped packages were a delight to open when a heart expected none. However, the real memory of that Christmas came... because Jesus showed up in a very personal way.

That baby born in a manger so very long ago, came and brought to our little hearts the gift of His love, His concern, and His mercy. My young heart recognized that it truly was not about the presents under the tree, but about the gift Jesus brings to our hearts.

It was about a Jesus who looked down from heaven, saw a family who had been through a tough year, saw them rejoicing in the real meaning of Christmas, and decided to show a piece of Himself.

It was about a Jesus who took the time to show He cared... even about the silly and frivolous desires of our heart. It was about a Jesus who took the time to say, "I love you" in a way that no other Christmas gift could do.

To this day I still think back on that Christmas with tears in my eyes. I ponder on the truth I learned that year. I treasure in my heart, much as Mary did, the real gift of the season. It truly is not about the gift in the wrapping.

It is about the gift of friendship and love we extend to each other. It is about the gift of family we so often take for granted. Above all, it is about the greatest gift ever given. The first Christmas gift of all... a baby, born to a virgin and laid in a manger.
Now it's your turn.

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I am so very eager to read each and every one of your memories. Let the sharing begin...

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  1. Thanks Donnetta,beautiful memories indeed.Wish you a Happy Christmas n New Year eve ahead.

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  2. Donnetta, I am thinking of your Christmas memory with tears in my eyes. What a wonderful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you for this wonderful time together, I will visit again later today after I get some work done. :)

  3. What a beautiful Christmas memory. It really speaks to me to have my eyes and ears open to those in need and to God.

    I'll post one later today. It's been a crazy weekend and I haven't been able to get near the computer.

  4. Mine is up! Sorry I'm a bit late to the party. I've been having days where I can't even get to the computer for more than a minute at a time. LOL. 'Tis the season!

  5. This brought tears to my eyes, and ironically, my favorite memory is very similar to this one. I'll share it tomorrow, because I totally forgot about this-I'm so sorry!!!

  6. What a beautiful story Donnetta. It is just a miracle of love in every way.

  7. Hi Donnetta, that is a great story/memory. I'm a bit late in reading it, but it still touched my heart!

    It's the week after Christmas and I pray you are still enjoying your kids being home and your family!

    Happy New Year ahead!


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