Friday's Fave Five

Five of my favorite things from this week hosted by Susanne.

1. No school today: The little guy and I have both been feeling under the weather. In fact, I heard him coughing through the night. Having no school today has allowed me to let him sleep instead of needing to get him up to get the older ones to school. In fact, he is still sleeping... shhhhh....

2. My Hubby, Father son time, and electricity: You may remember that last week I did not have electricity in parts of my house. So thankful my husband is able to do electrical work! He has re-wired the parts that needed it.

Daddy also had a very interested little helper!

3. Jobs: Although I would have loved for my husband to have today off, this is peak season in the delivery business. I have been reminded of others this week that are not as fortunate to work, even if they want to. In this economy a job is a favorite for sure!

4. Family Time: We have been spending more time playing games as a family instead of choosing to do other things. So enjoyable!

5. Thanksgiving Day: It was relaxing. It was restful. It was a day that I was reminded of truly how very blessed I am!

Obviously I did not go out and participate in early morning Black Friday shopping. To be honest, I wasn't even tempted this year.

Did you go? What good deals did you find?

I now hear the little guy stirring. That is my cue that the day is about to become fully alive. As I get moving, I would thoroughly enjoy hearing what things have filled your week.


  1. Glad you are both able to be at home resting and regaining strength. I'm not shopping since the weather's perfect for working in the garden!

  2. Hope you and your little one are feeling better soon.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. I did not purchase anything except food today. After a ten mile bike ride with my daughter in law and my husband, I walked around a book store but didn't buy anything.

    I hope your little one feels better. Have a quiet happy weekend!

  4. Sounds like you have a wonderful husband and you are right, we do have a lot to be thankful for. My wonderful husband always goes Christmas shopping with me on Black Friday and this year we got all of our shopping done in about 3 hours. We only shop the deals and have lots of fun doing it.

  5. I loved to play games with my kids when they were little. So much fun.

    Love the pic of the little helper. So sweet!


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