Do you have an experience that you remember as though it were yesterday? Do you have an experience that completely rocked your world and impacted you greatly, not just in that specific moment, but for years to come?

You may remember the Friday that I referred to enjoying the thunderstorm that came through the area. That has not always been the case for me. There was a time that even the fewest raindrops could potentially spiral me into a full fledged panic attack. In fact, my mother shares that even signs of a darkening sky would trigger restlessness and turmoil for me.

If you've ever experienced a panic attack for any reason, they are not fun. In fact, they can be quite debilitating. They can be all consuming. They can make a person feel like they are dying right then.

It took a few years to put all of the pieces together, but when we did I had something to work with to address and face my fear.

Even with all of the pieces, learning to take charge of my fear did not come easily or quickly. It has taken years of focus, of processing, of delving deep into my own self to find the origin of the seed itself.

I will share with you this week the event in my life that planted my seed of fear and all that it produced.

I will end the week with some promise and truth of what I have learned about battling and taking charge of my own fear. My hope is that it might give others a glimmer of hope as they face and take charge of their own.


  1. I've had full blown panic attacks since I was a small, small child. Especially at Christmas! It really is a horrible thing!

    I'm not sure I'll get to read your story until I get back from having my shoulder surgery.....but I'll be anticipating!

  2. This is very helpful and informative. Thank you.


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