Friday's Fave Five

Good Friday morning! I'm hoping that by this time you are beginning to feel quite welcome around here and beginning to make yourself right at home. Grab a drink, have a seat, shoes off, feet up, and relax... if even for just a moment.

This week seemed considerably more relaxing than the last few have been. I am so grateful for that! Although some of you have already started school, we have one full week left of summer. Next week it will be getting back to more of a school schedule routine to gear up, so this week of relaxation has been quite welcome.

For whatever reason I am not being allowed to include pictures. Here are my five favorite things from this last week, without pictures...

1. American Sign Language: We used this with our daughter. She wasn't communicating as a baby/toddler and it was a concern that she had lost her hearing due to the meningitis she had as a newborn.

She learned to sign and it was a great relief to know what she was needing. Thankfully, we learned her hearing remained intact. With speech therapy she was able to begin communicating verbally and we stopped signing over time.

We're back at it. Although we know he can hear, our little guy is not yet communicating verbally but definitely knows what he wants. I would like to have a better understanding of that too.

Words we are working on: eat, drink, milk, juice, cracker, banana, cereal, water, all done, more, mom, dad, hurt, dog, cat, diaper, play

2. Music Worship Team: I am so thankful for the friends that minister with me each week in music at the church. We have such a good time together and I look forward to worshiping with them even when we are practicing.

3. Family Time: An evening of family time this week found us at the library. My hubby browsed through a favorite money magazine. The older children perused the shelves and I corralled the little guy in the children's area with board books at his fingertips. A FREE and educational family activity. It doesn't get much better than that!

4. Home: Our friend was able to come home from the hospital this week. He remains on bed rest for a few weeks and then he will have a few months of therapy and rehab after that. Nevertheless, he is home!

5. Thunderstorms: The storm that rolled through in the middle of the night was incredible. Each storm serves as a reminder to me of how I have learned to overcome a fear of mine. I am thinking I will share that part of my story with you. Stay tuned...

My week was filled with a variety of things and a bit of relaxing thrown in here and there. What about yours?


  1. I'm glad your friend is now home. There is no place like home! When I'm sick, I want my own bed. I'm sure he will do much better now that he is home.

    Free family entertainment? What a blessing!

  2. Hello Donetta! I enjoyed reading your faves this week. I was just with my little niece and she does some signing. I think it's a great way for wee ones to communicate! I'm so glad your daughter didn't suffer hearing loss from the meningitis. That must have been frightening to go through. Glad your friend is home and recovering. Have a great weekend...

  3. We haven't gone to the library all together since my kids were little. I miss it!

    I'm so glad your friend was able to come home! There's no place like home, and just leaving the hospital is a major milestone.

    Enjoy your last week of summer! Ours came to an end this week.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Last week of 'freedom' seems to be a theme this week-- my husband started meetings this week and classes begin on Monday. I have two more weeks!

    ASL has been wonderful for young children. I found that even some of my first grade students still used some signing.

  5. Praise God for your friend being home. That is good news indeed!

    So cool that you are doing sign language with your baby.

    We've had quite a few storms this year. Seems much more than usual. And a few have been real whoppers. Looking forward to your story.

  6. I enjoyed doing sign language when my children were small. Now my teenage daughter still loves it and has gotten several of her friends also interested. Keep it up!

    I love my music ministry team, too. Any time I can sing with them makes me happy. God is good to bless us with music.

  7. It is always a blessing to read your lists. I am encouraged when I see how the Lord is blessing you.
    The sign language is a great idea. I think he will be happier being able to communicate:-)
    I love a thunderstorm in the night. It's been so long I hardly remember what it's like - but I do love them.
    I'm so happy to hear your friend is home. God is so good.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  8. Nice that you have sign language so you can communicate. I used to work with autistic children and we used that a lot (but I only know a few words). I love thunder storms too.

  9. What a great list Donnetta! I sure know what you mean about the praise team! I LOVE going to WATCH my praise team practice! I can't hold a note in a bucket, and play NO musical instruments... but I sure DO make joyful NOISE unto the Lord! And my praise team LETS me! I really LOVE them for that! :)

    I love thunderstorms -- never have been afraid of them... I just love them. I see the glory and power of God in them!

  10. Thankful your friend is home!

    I have always wanted to learn sign language.....no one taught their children when mine were babies, but I am always fascinated when I watch the young families at church use it with their children. It's great for quiet voices times! :)

    Of course, there are so many things I say I WANT to do, but I guess I don't because I don't take the time to LEARN! Shame on me...

    You inspire me!

  11. Can yo uname some easy sources for learning sign? I suspect that at least initially when we bring Amelia home we'll need a solid way for her to express herself. Email me if you need details.


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