Books in my Future

WHEW! I still feel like I have some recouping and catching up to do from the emotions and experiences of our weekend district ladies retreat.

I know part of it is from the amount of prep work and involvement I personally had. I have been preparing for the past 6 months in anticipation of leading the music for the weekend and speaking on Saturday morning. Overall, I think it went very well for which I am praising God and giving Him the glory!

With it now past, I realized I will have time that I was using in preparation to now do other things. I am ready to get back into my reading! I have missed it!!

I have these books coming from the library.

Fearless : imagine your life without fear
By Max Lucado

If God is Good : faith in the midst of suffering and evil
By Randy Alcorn

30 days to taming your tongue
By Deborah Smith Pegues

When the game is over, it all goes back in the box
By John Ortberg

Having a Mary spirit : allowing God to change us from the inside out
By Joanna Weaver

Practicing the Presence of God : a modernized Christian classic
By Brother Lawrence

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

What book/s are you currently reading?


  1. Hey there! I haven't read any of those books. One is by a Randy Alcorn. Is he any relation to Nancy Alcorn of Mercy Ministries?

    Right now I'm reading Joyce Meyer's The Love Revolution and a book my J.Frenn called Breaking Through Barriers...GREAT reading!

  2. I'm thinking I need to read the "30 days to taming the tongue" one. :v}

    I have "Having a Mary Spirit" and it's been calling my name lately too. Max Lucado is one of my favorite authors and I've heard lots of good stuff about this one you have listed. It's also in the plans to read for me.

  3. Choosing Rest by Sally Breedlove... and Heaven by Randy Alcorn.

    I have a whole pile of books on my Amazon wish list though... so many books, so little time!

  4. Having a Mary Spirit is sitting on my bookshelf...unread! I am so behind on my book reading...I linked up for the Fall into Reading challenge and hope to complete that at least. :)


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