Worn Out Wednesday

Good morning. I'm afraid I may not been very good company today.

It is only Wednesday and I am already feeling it. This week is Vacation Bible School at church.

I am once again leading the music. I so enjoy this, but after singing and actions for 2.5 hours straight each evening, it doesn't take me long to wear out.

In addition to VBS, I was needed to teach yesterday at work. So a full day of lecturing on top of it all has only added to it.

Feel free to come on in and chat, even amongst yourselves. As for me, I'm off to find something to sooth a tired and sore throat (if you have any ideas please share).

I need to get through two more nights of singing with almost 90 children ranging from preschool through 6th grade. With that in mind, today you will find me looking for moments of extra rest.

What's been on your schedule this week?


  1. Tea with honey is my only recommendation for your throat, hope you feel relief soon. We are almost settled in our new place so now I need to do some serious school planning!

  2. Hot water with lemon juice and honey might feel good on your poor throat. Feel better soon, Donnetta.


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